Fans of 90 day fiancé You will come to dislike the cast for many reasons, but one sure way to infuriate viewers is to display disparaging behavior. There are many of the show’s stars who make fun of TLC, their exes, and even the fans themselves. The show attracts a variety of entertaining cast members who don’t hesitate to share their opinion, no matter how disgusting or wrong it may be.

Many cast members have appeared on screen throughout the franchise’s run, and not all of them may be fan favorites. For some of the franchise’s stars, disdain from fans breeds contempt, but for others, the main source of anger is the network and the show’s producers. For whatever reason, some cast members have more meat than others, and these are some of the worst.

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Big ed brown

Although Ed started out as an understanding figure, many fans quickly began to despise him for the disrespectful way he treated his ex-girlfriend Rose Vega. Still, Ed remained true to his crush, even after he moved in with a new girlfriend, Liz, in 90 days: the single life. However, off-screen controversies, including a leaked call in which Ed abused Liz, proved that Big Ed is not the pleasant type that viewers would be led to believe.

Stephanie davison

Stephanie may have contempt for her ex-boyfriend Ryan Carr, but based on his behavior she would be completely justified. However, Stephanie has shown significant disdain for the network after her time on the show. Stephanie claims TLC abused her and her 90 day fiancé The crew stood by while Ryan abused her. The season 8 star cut ties with the network and didn’t even attend Tell-All because he wanted to share it. “real truth” On Instagram.

Andrei Castravet

Throughout his time in the franchise, Andrei’s contempt has focused solely on his wife Libby’s family. It’s no secret that Libby’s siblings can’t stand Andrei, and they’ve never repressed their view that he’s selfish, lazy, and has a right. But Andrei has also reciprocated with equal contempt, repeatedly getting into screaming fights with Libby’s sisters and brother. It’s gotten so bad that many fans think Andrei will never make it up to Libby’s family.

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Jess Caroline Hanvey

Jess Caroline-90 Day Fiancé- Happily Ever After After-90 Day Fiancé Diaries

On 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After?Jess dated famous cast member Colt Johnson, so it’s not hard to see why she has such disdain for him. Colt eventually confessed to Jess how much he cheated on her and how he never really loved her, and it seems Jess may still be salty about their relationship. Although she and Colt have broken up for a while and Jess has gotten married, she still showed up to the Single’s life Tell-All and seemed bitter and angry at Colt.

Tarik myers

Tarik and his wife Hazel Cagalitan haven’t always had the warmest reception from fans, but it seems like the only problem Tarik has is with his castmates from season eight. After his stint, Tarik went to the cast and called them “false friends” Y “two facesWhile claiming that they join the trolls on social media trying to take him down and Hazel down. It’s clear that there is no love between Tarik and the cast of season 8, and Tarik isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

Leida Margaretha

leida 90 day fiancé trimmed

From the moment that she appeared 90 day fiancé, the fans couldn’t stand Leida and felt that she was rich and pampered. But it was her contempt for her then fiancé Eric’s daughter that viewers really couldn’t bear. Leida was immediately antagonistic to her future daughter-in-law who lived with them and demanded that Eric kick her out of her apartment and stop paying child support. It’s no wonder he’s one of the most despised cast members, though Leida doesn’t seem to mind.

Andrew Kenton

On 90 day fiancé Season 8, Andrew had one of the most memorable relationships, mostly due to how disastrous it ended. As time passes, it becomes clear that his ex-fiancee, Amira Lollysa, has moved on, although Andrew may not have. He has gone out of his way to try and expose Amira’s alleged lies on social media, and there are several Instagram accounts dedicated to trashing Amira that many fans believe are Andrew in disguise. Andrew also has a significant disdain for TLC and has claimed on multiple occasions that much of his and Amira’s story was made up.

Brittany banks

Love her or hate her, Brittany is one of the most rambling cast members in the franchise, and when she’s not showing off on social media, she often takes the time to criticize her ex Yazan. Brittany and Yazan had a terrible relationship that was due to incompatibility. After the couple broke up, Brittany has made shocking claims about Yazan and dragged him through everything from the fake gold jewelry she gave him to her sex life. Both Brittany and Yazan seem to be moving forward, but Brittany still can’t help but hit Yazan every now and then.

Michael Jessen

Juliana Custodio and Michael Jessen: TLC: 90 Day Fiancé

Michael received a lot of criticism from fans for his relationship with his much younger wife Juliana Custodio, yet the couple are still happily married. Since their time on the show, Michael and Juliana have tried to distance themselves from TLC, and Michael even called the franchise “low quality.“Michael’s contempt for the show is palpable and it is clear that he and Juliana did not have the best experience. They seem to be doing well with their lives after the show, but it’s safe to say that Michael wants nothing more to do with the franchise.

Between network pressure, bad relationships and criticism 90 day fiancé fans, it’s not surprising that many of the franchise’s stars feel a bit dismissive from time to time. Sometimes it’s justified and sometimes it’s out of line, but there are many cast members who refuse to hide their disdain for their exes, in-laws, and the show. Although there are many reasons these cast members feel so much contempt, the only thing they have in common is the inability to keep those feelings low.

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Anfisa Arkhipchenko-Jovi Dufren-Yara-90 Day Fiancé

90-day boyfriend: Jovi causes a stir after reacting to Anfisa’s body

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