The most popular CW series have become known for their science fiction and fantasy stories, particularly the Arrowverse and series of staples Supernatural. The network has dabbled in the historical fiction genre in the past with dramas like Reign. Inspired by the life of Mary, Queen Of Scots, the series combined actual moments from history with soap opera-like fiction to create a compelling story.

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The network chose not to renew the series for a fifth season while the cast and crew were hard at work on the fourth. That resulted in some characters seeing their fate on screen, while others were left to the imagination of the audience.

Updated July 24, 2021 by Amanda Bruce: Although Reign focused on the life of Queen Mary, there were many characters important to her story that unfolded in the series. The story may not have been entirely accurate for history buffs, but the depth of the characters meant that fans wanted to see where each of them ends. Fans can also relive their finals on streaming sites.

13 To teach

Bash and Kenna stand in Reign's hall

Kenna actually leaves the series when the second season draws to a close. Initially one of Maria’s ladies-in-waiting, she becomes the mistress of the King of France and later marries his illegitimate son. When their relationship falls apart, she has an affair with General Renauld. It is this matter that leads her to leave France completely when she realizes that she is pregnant.

On her way through Sweden, Kenna meets a teenage prince and strikes up a conversation with him, agreeing to exchange letters with him and asking to visit her after she helps with “her sister’s baby.” The implication is that Kenna finds herself another royal person to help secure her position in society, something Kenna struggles to do from the start. In a world where a woman’s place is determined by her relationship with her father or husband, the ladies of Reign they often end up stagnant.

12 Enrique

King Henry only appears consistently as the main character in the show’s first season. After that, he only appears in visions, dreams, and flashbacks. Despite that, Henry leaves a lasting impression on the show. He is the one who drives many of the relationships thanks to his need to be in control of everyone in the castle.

In his last days, he is not in his right mind thanks to the fact that his own Bible has poison in its pages. However, that’s not what kills him. Instead, it is his own son, Francis, who kills him during a joust, though he does it secretly so that no one will find out that he decided to save the castle’s inhabitants (and the rest of the kingdom) from Henry’s wrath.

eleven Daffodil

Considering his main role as an antagonist, and later as Lady Lola’s husband, Narcisse has a rather abrupt end to the series. In fact, the audience doesn’t really get to know what happens to him in the end.

The last significant time the audience spends with Narcisse involves him, a witch, and Catherine de Medici sharing a bed. That’s because the witch in question, Emmanuelle, wants to spend the night with the most powerful people she knows to give herself a very powerful child. It’s an odd way to close Narcisse’s story, as her ending has nothing to do with her connection to Mary or the monarchy.

10 Charles

Charles sits on the throne in Reign

Charles becomes King of France after the death of Francis, although it is not a role that he is really willing to take on. He spent most of his early appearances on the show trying to get out of his lessons and ignoring his brother’s advice.

Although Catherine fights very hard to keep her son on the throne, Charles does not appreciate it. In the end, he and his brother Henri even completely ignore Catherine when she tries to explain why her plans to turn France on the road against Spain will not work. Catherine leaves Charles to rule France on his own, something Emmanuelle tells her will not work in her favor, as he is not destined to be king for long.

9 Tried

Initially, Bash is interested in Mary, but his partner will not be as Mary is scheduled to marry her brother, the next king of France. Bash ends up married to Kenna as a result of his father’s machinations, but maintains a friendship with Mary. However, once their marriage falls apart, their time on the show is shortened.

The last thing the audience sees of Bash is that he decides to travel with Mary when she wants to return to Scotland. However, there is a character that appears in season four that allows the audience to find out that Bash becomes a druid in Scotland and shares a prophecy with the man to lead him to Mary, though the audience doesn’t get any more details than that. .

8 Katherine

Catherine de Medici in Reign

Catherine, Queen of France before Mary, causes many problems for many people. She plans to make sure her children are well cared for, which is probably a good idea considering all the violence that royalty suffers from.

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When Catherine reconciles with Francisco before his death, she promises to be Queen Regent until her brother is ready to rule. As he does so, in the end, he discovers once again that his son is not cut out for the role of king. She takes the advice of a witch and leaves him to rule on his own, comforting himself with his daughter Margot.

7 Lola

Despite seemingly betraying Mary early in the series by having a one-night stand with Francis, Lola is one of the series’ most beloved characters. The audience respects your ability to make tough decisions at a time when you are expected to line up.

However, it is that ability that causes his sticky ending. When Lola’s relationship with Narcisse breaks down, she decides to return to her family in England. While there, Lola is tricked into helping with a plan to assassinate Queen Elizabeth, believing that she is acting under the orders of Maria. Unfortunately for her, she is caught and executed in front of her ex-husband.

6 Francis

Those who know his story already knew when entering the series that Francisco would die long before Maria, although in reality it was his already fragile health that took his life. The series takes another path.

When Mary is attacked in the forest, it is Francis who comes to her aid while the guards are busy fighting the others. During the course of the fight, Francis suffers a head injury from which he cannot recover. However, before he dies, he makes Maria promise that he will wait for the next monarch, and her mother as regent queen, to be safe before she leaves the country.

5 Claude

Claude is a bit of a troublemaker when introduced to him. She is Francis’s younger sister and she doesn’t understand why she can’t be the center of attention in court all the time. Over the course of her time on the show, she matures and even falls in love with the man who is supposed to protect her.

Of course, Claude cannot be with him and ends up in an arranged marriage with Narcisse’s son. As the series progresses towards its conclusion, it seems that the arranged couple might finally be getting along, especially when Claude is denied the opportunity to leave him for his guard by his brother Charles, the current king. Interestingly, Claude’s story is never really resolved. She tells Catherine that her husband has left her, so she is left without love at all, but that’s where her story abruptly ends for the show.

4 Leith

In the show’s first season, Leith is nothing more than a kitchen boy who hung up on one of Mary’s waiting ladies. In fact, their feelings for each other cost her a good match and she loses her potential husband to someone else. Over time, Leith makes something of himself, becoming a member of the royal guard.

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Leith is Claude’s assigned guard and, unlike many other people in the palace, Leith is not intimidated by her. Nor does he treat her like a child. They naturally fall in love with each other, but he misses the chance to be with her when his mother fixes up a suitor for him. When Claude tries to annul their marriage, she approaches Leith in a letter, only to discover that he is already married to someone else, though the audience never sees him again.

3 Greer

Lady Greer in reign

Greer has one of the most tumultuous lives in the series – being thrown out of court in France, seeing her husband sent to prison, running a brothel, and having a relationship with a pirate – but she is the only lady who expects Mary to stay by his side. side almost to the end.

After Lola’s death, Greer moves to Scotland. Mary, forced to make political decisions by Lola’s “betrayal”, has to confiscate the land from Lola’s family. She wants them in good hands, so she gets Greer and Lord Castleroy to manage them. It has the effect of keeping her dear friend close and making sure that Lola’s family is not hurt by someone else.

2 Elizabeth

Although Catherine is Mary’s antagonist for much of the series’ first few episodes, the two find common ground through Francis. Mary struggles to find something in common with her cousin Elizabeth, as they both believe that the English throne should be theirs.

Elizabeth ends the series by becoming the true Warrior Queen. She leads her troops into battle, ensures Mary is arrested for treason, and becomes the fierce monarch who doesn’t need a man to rule. She too, in a preview two decades later, offers Mary’s son the throne, uniting Scotland and England after her death, as long as he agrees to allow his mother’s execution to move forward.

1 Maria

Mary Queen of Scots of Reign

Mary just wants to live her life, but throughout her years, she is plagued by constant threats to her government, wants to put the people closest to her first, and her need to protect herself. Adelaide Kane brings a fashionable image to a tragic monarch throughout all four seasons.

When Mary makes the decision to kill her mentally unstable husband at the end of season four, it’s the moment that leads to her downfall. The final episode is previewed two decades later to show that she has been imprisoned in England and scheduled for execution for her crimes against Elizabeth. Although Mary’s son James does not come to offer her a reprieve, he does get her only wish of Elizabeth: to rule.

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