Supernatural It does not lack great secondary characters and one of them is Sister Jo. Formed after Angel Anael’s bodily fusion with a human, Sister Jo has become one of the world’s most sought-after healers. Some of her best character arcs have involved her in a feud with Lucifer and helping hunter Sam Winchester.

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The show’s fluid narrative has allowed viewers to fully understand most things related to even minor characters like Sister Jo. However, a couple of things don’t become obvious with a simple visualization. These details include specific aspects of the character, as well as behind-the-scenes facts.

10 She has a higher astral perception

The ability to detect supernatural beings varies from angel to angel. Sister Jo’s astral perception is superior to that of her angelic counterparts. This is proven when he recognizes the true form of Lucifer when he is inside a container. She also sees the true form of Alternate Michael within Dean Winchester.

The reason for Sister Jo’s stronger astral perception is never explained, although Dean once mentions that he had the option of acquiring various unique abilities during his stint as a soul counter in heaven. Since she is not seen using a variety of other powers, it must be assumed that her kind-hearted nature caused her to take only those powers that she deemed necessary to help humanity.

9 Real-life relationship with the cast member

Anael in Supernatural

Sister Jo is played by Danneel Harris-Ackles and has been married to Jensen Ackles (the actor who plays Dean Winchester) since 2010. They have 3 children.

Danneel and Jensen aren’t the only cast members to have dated or married. Genevieve Padalecki (who plays Ruby) is also married to Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester). Given that these actors have spent most of their careers working on the show, it’s totally okay that they aren’t looking for love elsewhere.

8 She is weaker than all the other angels

Genevieve Padalecki as Ruby and Danneel Harris-Ackles as Jo Anael in Supernatural

Sister Jo is not among the strongest angels in Supernatural. There are some scenes where she is portrayed as much weaker than the rest. Angel swords have caused wounds that even their healing abilities have failed to heal. Lucifer also manages to strangle her with one hand.

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The lower angles in the show are said to possess less body strength than most other beings in heaven and hell. However, they are more powerful than the monsters, humans, and demons that reside on Earth. Sister Jo proves it once by hitting Sam against a wall with just a light punch.

7 Your impressive family tree

Sister Jo sees alternate Michael inside Dean's body in Supernatural

Supernatural it has numerous beings, so it is difficult to find out the family tree of each of them. For Sister Jo, the family tree is impressive. God is his father, while The Darkness, one of the less likeable villains in Supernatural, is his aunt. His nieces are the Nephilims Jane and the Queen of Sheba. Finally. Sister Jo’s nephew is Jack Kline.

Sister Jo values ​​family ties. Her separate relationship with God has brought out the more emotional side of her, a trait rarely seen in angels. Their desire for a greater father-daughter bond is unlikely to manifest due to their past rebellion and differences in ideologies. However, her efforts to sympathize with other family members have paid off.

6 Your career path

Supernatural Sister Jo Anael

Sister Jo begins as Joshua’s apprentice in heaven. It is from him that she learns most of her skills. She is later appointed as a soul counter, but is cast out during the “Fall of the Angels” for pointing out the failure to eliminate human suffering as one of the worst things God ever did. Supernatural. After that, she settles on Earth as a healer.

Although Sister Jo’s strong love for humanity has been best demonstrated during her time on Earth, a backstory about her past explains that it began while she was in heaven. As a soul counter, I had several great ideas on what to do with souls, but they were rejected. Soon the expected discontent followed.

5 Total ailments that you have cured

Sister Jo welcomes a patient seeking treatment in Supernatural season 13

During her career as a healer on Earth, Sister Jo healed a terminally ill woman, restored sight to a man, and cleaned scar tissue from a wound with a single touch. She also manages to heal herself from the wounds inflicted by Lucifer.

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Limited time is the only reason Sister Jo doesn’t rid Earth of all diseases completely. Sister Jo’s business acumen is evident through the use of this skill. As an angel, you can afford to heal for free, but you choose to charge people for it. The other reason she does this is that she wants to fit in with humans rather than be seen as special.

4 Their nicknames and aliases

Sister Jo confronts Lucifer in an alley in Supernatural

Sister Jo has earned two nicknames during her time on the show. In season 13, Dean baptizes her as “Satan’s Gal Pal” while searching for Lucifer and learning that he is with Sister Jo. Lucifer also labels her as “First Lady of Heaven” when she complains of her reluctance to improve the state of the world.

Although Jo’s close ties to Lucifer concern the hunters, she is not focused on doing evil. She firmly believes that Lucifer will do the right thing, but it is not in her nature to go down that path. She really tries to change the state of heaven when she becomes Lucifer’s second in command. However, the bad association between the two ruins all chances of that happening.

3 The character was written for Ackles

The angel Anael agrees to heal Sister Jo's husband if she lets herself be used as a vessel in Supernatural.

It’s hard to imagine the show without Sister Jo, but she wasn’t originally in the script. According to Entertainment Weekly, the character was written in an impromptu way by executive producer Eugenie Ross-Leming with Ackles in mind as the perfect person for the role.

Before appearing in Supernatural, Ackles had taken a step back in acting. It had been four years since the actress had appeared in any production. His impressive performances proved that he had no problems, despite a long stay away from the industry. Hopefully, fans will be able to see her in many more productions.

2 The character is also part of the Jewish tradition

The angel Anael, also known as Sister Jo, teams up with Dean and Sam in stopping Lucifer's takeover of Earth in Supernatural.

Anael, the royal angel who uses Sister Jo as a vessel, is also part of Jewish tradition. There, his name is pronounced as Haniel and he is an archangel from heaven.

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In Jewish tradition, Haniel is described as the ‘Angel of joy“And this is manifested in the show where Sister Jo dreams of a happy world with minimal suffering.

1 The number of appearances made

Sister Jo is mentioned much later in Supernatural and it’s in a couple of great story arcs. However, he has only appeared in a total of 5 episodes of the show.

Danneel Harris-Ackles did not receive a long-term contract, hence the reason for his limited appearances. Yet every scene his character finds himself in feels healthy and essential to the story. The depth of Sister Jo’s backstory is also profound, compared to other minor characters on the show.

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