In a surprising twist, the world’s fifth best Pokémon Unite player is named Digimon, a reference to the Pokémon brand’s’ 90s-era rival.

In a surprising twist of irony on usernames, fifth best Pokémon Unite the player is named Digimon. As children of the nineties will remember, both the Pokemon Y Digimon The franchises started around the same time and deal with training colorful monsters to fight amongst some other notable similarities, but the two series are vastly different beyond that, as the small but dedicated fanbase of the latest IP will attest.

Launch of Nintendo and TiMi Studio Group Pokémon Unite on Nintendo Switch a few days ago, with an Android launch planned for September. So far, the free battleground title has had a mixed reception from fans of Nintendo’s long-running monster-collecting mega-franchise, with the main complaints being some potentially predatory monetization practices and some options for limited game at launch. Pokémon Unite has still managed to build a decent player base despite this, and one of the highest ranking members has an incredibly tongue-in-cheek name.

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Earlier today, PixelJunkie News’ PushDustIn noted that the fifth ranked player in Pokémon Unite It has the name “Digimon”, causing laughter in some users in the comments section of Twitter. According to some of these commenters, Digimon was in first place for a while, although they have since fallen down the rankings. Still, it’s funny that a Pokemon The player is named after one of the most prominent competitors in the franchise.

Speaking of that competition, while the Digimon The franchise has spawned quite a few video games over the past two decades, none have been able to match the great success of Pokemon. The newest of these games, the dark survival strategy RPG. Digimon survives, was delayed from its planned 2020 release to allow for finer tuning, despite being considerably far away in its development cycle at the time. Meanwhile, the Digimon The franchise continues to have a presence in the media thanks to the continuous Digimon Adventure anime, a reboot of the 1999 original series that began running last spring.

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The battle between Pokemon Y Digimon it’s anything but a blurry memory at this point but that doesn’t stop Pokémon Unite The Digimon player being hilariously ironic, especially given his high place in the ranking of the still-young multiplayer arena title. It is clear that whoever is behind the Digimon account has a sense of humor and a taste for the monster fighting franchises of the 90s era, as their choice in Pokémon Unite Driving is too fun and punctual not to have been done on purpose.

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Source: PushDustIn / Twitter

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