Cute Upland Defense Club LOVE! it was a series of “magical children” that turned the genre in the most loving way possible.

Famous for hits like Sailor moon Y Sakura Card Captor, the genre of magical girls has almost always focused on that … Girls. These productions typically feature a team of young heroines who are granted magical powers, allowing them to transform into brightly colored superheroes and save the world. However, at least one major exception to this rule tilted gender to gender, with his team of Kids.

Cute Upland Defense Club LOVE! was a rare series of “magical boys” that turned the world of magical girls upside down and paid tribute to many of its historical elements at the same time. This love letter was never written in an ironic way; instead, embracing gender tropes and using them inventively.

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Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! ‘S Origin &’ Magical Boy ‘Premise

boys from the cute love highland defense club

Cute Upland Defense Club LOVE! began in 2015, immediately marking it as a parody and reverential tribute to magical girls. The central characters are the teenagers Yumoto Hakone, En Yufuin, Atsushi Kinugawa, Io Naruko and Ryuu Zaou, who have the responsibility of becoming magical heroes imposed on them by an alien wombat. Wearing the love bracelets, they transform into battle lovers, defending the world against monsters and those who would spread evil, hatred, and fighting. Many of these monsters were once people who, while not necessarily evil in themselves, had difficult lives and rejected the world as it had rejected them.

Along the way, the Earth Defense Club also wins a rivalry with the Earth Conquest Club, with the members even attending the same high school. These rivals, Kinshiro Kusatsu, Ibushi Arima, and Akoya Gero, are led by their own magical animal in the form of a talking green hedgehog named Zundar. The Earth Conquest Club are the ones who create the monsters that battle lovers fight, making them the true threats of the series.

But nevertheless Cute tall was meant to start with the anime, a manga about the Earth Conquest Club came out a year earlier. There have been two seasons of the show so far, along with an OVA, as well as a light novel series that continues to this day.

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What a cute tall man lovingly pays homage to the magical girl genre

As with most magical girl shows, Cute tall she had bright colors and quirky outfits for her title heroes, albeit with more traditionally masculine clothing rather than skirts or dresses. Despite this last point, the frivolity still makes some of the guys look appropriately feminine. These, of course, come complete with makeover sequences, making the overdone affair even more glamorous. The acronym for “love bracelets” also matches the tropes of the genre, as the weapons and gear used by magical girls are often given equally ridiculous but catchy names. The presence of magical talking animals is another comparable factor, even if cats with moons on their heads are cuter than space wombats.

Another element that the series shares with its influencers, in a cheesy yet endearing way, is the idea of ​​healing people with love, all while fighting in the name of justice. This may seem a bit far-fetched and might even put off some viewers, but it should be a perfect fit for fans of franchises like Sailor of the moon, who want a cartoon-like vibe on Saturday morning brimming with positivity.

Eternal Moon Sailor

Speaking of Pretty Guardians, Cute tall it’s kind of a full-circle evolution of how the wizarding genre has evolved since Sailor moon debuted. Sailor moon was essentially made to be an equivalent of Super sentai tokusatsu teams, but for girls. There is even an episode of Cute tall where the boys put on a show for the kids before being interrupted by monsters. Children think it is part of the routine and enjoy it because of its resemblance to a tokusatsu adventure. The fact that their rivals are incredibly similar to them is also reminiscent of both tokusatsu and magical girl shows.

All of this is done in a loving way, mind you. The series is not some dark deconstruction that cynically slams the magical girl formula as Madoka Magica it does. Nor is it a petty and dismissive attack on the genre, like recent attempts to do so with isekai. Instead of, Cute tall It lovingly sends out what viewers expect from magical girl shows, applies it to guys, and is colorful and fun doing it.

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