Today, let’s find out what Superman does with his wedding ring when he transforms from Clark Kent into the Man of Steel!

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This one is tricky as it was not actually a question that was asked of ME, but something that the amazing comic book writer Dan Slott asked his Twitter followers (or Twitter readers in general I guess) and woke me up. interest as I knew the answer and thought it would make an interesting column so, well here we are!

Dan tweeted:

We know the answer to this because it was actually a plot point in the Superman titles in late 1999 and caused a “to do” for the Man of Steel!

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The Superman titles underwent a dramatic creative change in late 1999, with all of the lifelong creators who had been working on the character throughout the decade parting ways with the character, with Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway and Louise Simonson ending. his long and highly respected work on the Super-titles. The then relatively new creative team of Superman, the man of steel by Mark Schultz, Doug Mahnke and Tom Nguyen remained and writer / artist Stuart Immonen and screenwriter Mark Millar remained at Superman Adventure (at least initially), but Jeph Loeb and Joe Kelly were brought in as new writers in Superman Y Action comics, respectively.

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In the first issue of Loeb, Superman # 151 (by artists Mike McKone and Marlo Alquiza. Interestingly, Loeb’s career began with guest artists, as the artist he planned to work with on the series, Ed McGuinness, was not available in time to start the career. McKone , though, he’s an amazing filler artist!) The Daily Planet reverted to its old status quo (after Lex Luthor took control of the newspaper and even removed the iconic globe on top of the building) and we see Clark Kent and Lois Lane, married reporters, and Clark wears his wedding ring as he runs to become Superman …

This was a problem, because as we see at the end of the story, Superman STILL HAS HIS RING!

But that’s not a big deal, is it? So he’s wearing his ring once, who would know? Well, as you may have noticed on that page, Jimmy Olsen was there, taking pictures with his camera and, indeed, we see in Superman # 152 (by Loeb, McKone, and Alquiza) that Jimmy actually took a picture of Superman’s wedding ring and we get the real answer to the question, which is that Lois thinks to herself that she knew Clark would one day forget to take off the wedding ring, which inherently means the answer to “Do you take off your wedding ring when you become Superman?” Is if.”

Jimmy, however, is devastated. He doesn’t want to blow up Superman’s place, so although Lois let him make the call himself, Jimmy decides to Photoshop the ring. He’s proud of himself until he discovers that other newspapers ALSO have the wedding ring photo and the Daily Planet looks stupid while the other newspapers run “Who is Mrs. Superman?”

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In the next issue of Superman titles, Superman adventures # 574 (by Stuart Immonen, Mark Millar, Joe Phillips, and Rich Faber), the citizens of Metropolis are obsessed with the whole “Ms. Superman” question when an old Superman villain, Obsession, who is obsessed with the Man of Steel, shown above, now trying to refer to herself as Ms. Superman …

She ends up sacrificing herself for Superman in the story and dies.

The next book in the Superman titles was Superman, the man of steel # 96 (by Schultz, Mahnke and Nguyen) and first, Perry White gives Jimmy a nice speech about how they, as reporters, can certainly affect the way people perceive the news by treating silly stories like this without respect, but can not. he just lies about things and that with modern technology, Jimmy will be more tested than the reporters before him and so he has to be stronger than ever.

We then get to see how Superman gets out of this PR mess and the Justice League holding a press conference in which Wonder Woman holds up a wedding ring and reveals that she and Superman are married … just like. than all members of the Justice League. , since they are all married to JUSTICE!

A bit clever, especially since it naturally relates to the Legion of Super-Heroes, who actually DOES wear rings for that very purpose.

In the next Superman book, Action comics # 761 (by Joe Kelly, German Garcia, and Joe Rubinstein), the story is running out, but Lois is still dealing with a small hit to her self-esteem from the fact that she knows that most of the world already has an idea of ​​who She would be the perfect Mrs. Superman and she is not Lois but Wonder Woman …

Things get even crazier when Superman and Wonder Woman are caught up on the issue fighting a magical war for a thousand years and Superman begins to forget about Lois, but never cheats on her with Wonder Woman.

Finally, in Superman # 153 (by Loeb, McKone, and Alquiza), Superman reveals to Jimmy that the ring actually IS an actual wedding ring and that he can’t tell Jimmy WHO he’s married to, but wants to show that he trusts Jimmy enough to let him know that you are married to someone …

Very good way to end things. The whole ring deal was handled well overall by the various creative teams. Good material.

Thanks for the indirect question, Dan!

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