Despite having no notable superpowers, Hawkeye has been able to defeat or kill the Hulk in both the main Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe.

Of all avengers Hawkeye has been constantly defeating the Helmet over the years despite being the one with no superpowers. The reformed criminal with flawless marksmanship and a fondness for bows and arrows was responsible for killing Bruce Banner in Second Civil War, avoiding a possible future Hulk rampage. It would also appear that this fate prevails in other dimensions, considering that it was the ultimate version of Hawkeye who shot the Hulk with an antidote after his destructive attack on the Chitauri in the Ultimates Serie.

On Second Civil War By Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez, Inhuman Ulysses’ ability to predict the future creates a divide in the superhero community with some heroes wanting to use this power while others argue against it. Ulysses’ vision of the Hulk standing on the bodies of the dead Avengers sparks a showdown between Bruce Banner and other assembled Marvel heroes. On The Ultimates by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch, alternate versions of the Avengers are losing their battle to the alien Chitauri who has accelerated their invasion of this parallel Earth. Hoping to tip the balance in his favor, Nick Fury orders Bruce Banner to be dropped from a helicopter to unleash a Hulk transformation. Fury’s bet is successful as the furious Hulk is easily manipulated to unleash his rage against the Chitauri leader and then Captain America’s Chitauri ships and quickly the Ultimates again take advantage.

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On Civil War II # 3, the tense situation leads to an argument that sees Banner getting angry and probably on the verge of taking out the Hulk. Suddenly an arrow flies forward and kills him, to which the shocked heroes find Hawkeye ready to be stopped. During his trial, Clint admits that this was done at the request of Bruce, who had given him a special arrowhead that would kill him. On Ultimates # 13, Hulk shows no signs of slowing down after the Chitauri have been defeated and Hawkeye must shoot him with an adamantium arrow containing an antidote. Despite his previous injuries, Hawkeye reaches his goal, but nothing happens except that the unstoppable goliath turns and heads in Clint’s direction to tear him apart and possibly eat the pieces as well.

One by one, Clint Barton is no match for the Hulk, regardless of the universe. But it is because of this fact that he only approaches a showdown with the Hulk when he has the specific equipment that will give him the necessary advantage. Considering his preferred combat method and flexible moral code, this makes Hawkeye very dangerous, especially since he likes to attack without warning. On Second Civil War, I was simply keeping a promise and in Ultimates, he was eliminating the last lingering threat, both times using custom arrows to take down different versions of the Hulk. This is also reminiscent of Black Panther’s last confrontation with the Hulk in Immortal Hulk # 47. T’Challa faced and nearly defeated one of the more powerful versions of the Hulk with speed, timing, and a simple energy dagger. While neither T’Challa nor Clint have Hulkbuster armor or a magic hammer, their confidence in their abilities makes them dangerous in a way that other Avengers are not.

On Second Civil WarHawkeye’s testimony leads to the acquittal of his charges, although opinions remain divided on the morality of his decision. In the Ultimates, Hawkeye panics when the Hulk jumps into his helicopter, only to receive jokes from the others present when he ends up with a naked and unconscious Banner on top of him. While some consider him the dwarf of the Avengers, Hawkeyevictories against him Helmet Show that you are not to be underestimated and that you may be one of the most dangerous Avengers assembled.

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