Being a superhero seems like a full time job. Between weekly alien invasions, time travel, and battles against archenemies, there doesn’t seem to be much time for a hero to do much more, let alone keep a job. That’s probably why so many superheroes are independently wealthy to begin with.

But not all heroes can be as rich as they are super powerful. Many heroes are busy trying to pay the rent and keep the electricity on while saving the city, and these jobs aren’t always glamorous. Sure, there are the heroes who have singing careers like Dazzler and Black Canary, but there are others who found themselves taking whatever job they could get, or being forced to work a job they never wanted in the first place.

10 Wally West went after villainous tax gimmicks

Flash worked as an IRS agent

Shortly after his time as the Flash, Wally won the lottery and suddenly became a millionaire. Just a few years later, Wally found himself deeply in debt because he failed to pay his taxes. To stay out of jail, Wally took a job with the IRS to track down super-powered beings who owed the government some cash.

9 Hal Jordan worked on the roads and in toy stores

Green Lantern Hal Jordan was a toy salesman

Before being Green Lantern, Hal Jordan had the greatest job in the world; he was a test pilot. Hal kept the job while he was protecting the galaxy with the rest of the Green Lantern Corps, but when his boss Carol Ferris, who was also his girlfriend, left, Hal quit and moved out.

Hal soon found a job as a peddler of toys for Merlin Toy Co, but it didn’t last long. Half a year later, Hal gave up the toys to join his friend Green Arrow on a cross-country trip, and the classic story. Hard ride heroes it started.

8 Spider-Man worked for the mob

If Batman is known as the wealthy superhero to most of the world, then Spider-Man is the type that people think of when it comes to being broke. No hero has had more money problems than the web-slinger, and while Peter Parker’s best-known job is his work as a photographer for the Daily Bugle, he has actually had several careers over the years, including a brief stint. as a photographer. bodyguard.

Spidey’s best known job as a bodyguard was when Silver Sable hired him to keep King Symkarian sade during the “Assassin Nation Plot” storyline, but the wall-crawler also worked as a bodyguard for a mob boss, earning $ 12,000 a day.

7 Moon Knight collected fees

Moon Knight taxi driver

Moon Knight is one of the wealthy superheroes, but that hasn’t stopped him from taking a day job. Well, in this case, it’s a night job with a secret agenda, but it’s still a job. A man of many personalities, one of Moon Knight’s most useful characters is Jake Locksley, a taxi driver in Manhattan. Making your own version of Taxi driver Like Jake Locksley, Moon Knight can travel around town and stay on top of what’s going on without drawing attention to himself. Plus, you can earn some extra money from tips, which probably doesn’t hurt.

6 Barbara Gordon wanted your vote

Barbara Gordon Batgirl Runs for Detective Comics Congress 423

While she is best known for her heroic antics as Batgirl and Oracle, Barbara Gordon once tried to deal with crime in another way; running in a special election for Congress. Barbara started her career for a government seat in Detective comics # 422 and won his pick just two numbers later. For eight years, Barabra divided his time between being a congressman in Washington DC and a vigilante in Gotham City, but his constituents weren’t happy with Barbara’s job, and in Detective comics # 488 lost his reelection.

5 Wonder Man played a strong man on cable

Wonder Man as Mr. Muscle in a children's show

A member of the Avengers, Wonder Man is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe, but he has always dreamed of being more than a superhero; Wonder Man wants to be a movie star. And while you may suspect that being a world-famous superhero would give Wonder Man a chance to skip a few rungs on the acting quota scale, you’d be wrong. Before hitting the big screen, Wonder Man began his acting career. as the strong man Mr. Muscles on The Uncle Elmer Show.

4 Wonder Woman asked people if they wanted to enlarge their order

Wonder Woman worked at Taco Whiz

In most cases, the princess of an island of Amazonian warriors probably wouldn’t need a job, but when Wonder Woman returned from an adventure in space and found that Themyscira had cut off all communication with the world and left her with nothing, she was forced to get a job.

While Wonder Woman has an impressive resume, the job market wasn’t the best and Diana found herself working behind the counter at Taco Whiz. Still, as she does with all things, Wonder Woman gave all the work, working not only to improve food for customers, but also working conditions for her co-workers.

3 Captain America drew himself

Captain America gets a job at Marvel Comics

Being one of America’s greatest symbols and sacrificing much of his life to protect the country and the world, it would seem that Captain America would not need a day job, but for much of his career behind the shield, Steve Rogers was also an artist in distress.

Steve took on various art jobs, but often found the work unsatisfactory, especially when he tried to work in advertising. But Steve finally found his home when he was hired by none other than Marvel Comics as the new artist in Captain America.

2 Nightwing took off his mask and became a cop

Nightwing becomes a Bludhaven cop in DC Comics

Dick Grayson started his crime fighting as Robin when he was just a teenager. Over time, Boy Wonder grew up and became Nightwing, leaving behind his life as Batman’s sidekick to be his own man. When Dick moved from Gotham to Bludhaven, he discovered that crime in Bludhaven had taken many forms.

To better deal with government corruption, Dick became a police officer in his new hometown, working to remove mob bosses and dirty politicians from the city’s municipal infrastructure. Dick left the force after a while, and while he’s hinted at why, the full story has never been told.

1 The thing that worked found work in the circle squared

Marvel comics The Thing in the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation

As a member of the Fantastic Four, The Thing has many problems, but worrying about money has never been one of them. For him, taking a job was less about the need to survive, but about finding a way to vent and make new friends. This is how Ben Grimm joined the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation. Taking a break from the FF and looking for something new, Thing came across the super powerful wrestling organization and decided to give it a try. Soon enough, Thing became UCW’s champion and the biggest draw the organization has ever had.

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