10 anime product locations that feel out of place

Product placement is often a necessary evil. When studios don’t have the funds to produce a project, corporations often step in and make offers – they advertise my product and I will help make this piece of entertainment. And while many series avoid making such deals, others couldn’t even exist without the help of marketing opportunists.

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Although product placement ranges from blatant to subtle, more than a few animes have been cheapened by the flash of a Pepsi can or the crushing weight of a multi-episode Pizza Hut hookup. Here’s a toast to the product placement moments in anime that are not only obvious, but really jarring.

10 Tiger and Bunny’s Blue Rose Goes Overboard with Pepsi Nex

pepsi next product placement.

Tiger and bunny should be exempt in general when it comes to product placement. After all, the show’s producers were smart in incorporating product placement into the show’s worldwide build. On Tiger and bunnySuperheroes are treated like NASCAR vehicles, sponsored by various companies, forced to carry the logos of these companies if they want to be paid. While this is a clever way to criticize capitalist culture, the show certainly got paid for doing it, which seems a bit hypocritical.

The most obvious of the locations has to be the relationship between Blue Rose and Pepsi Nex. Unfortunately for otaku elsewhere, Pepsi Nex is an exclusively Japanese product.

9 Ghost in the Shell is Cyberpunk, but is Nissan?

nissan ghost in the shell product placement

Cyberpunk is supposed to be cool and futuristic, but most people don’t think of “Nissan” when they hear those words. Ghost in the shell takes place in the middle of the 21st century. Even so, Nissan’s prototype vehicle designs were used in Stand Alone Complex – Solid State Society, and they mostly look extremely mundane. Although the anime was released in 2007, the car concepts debuted in 2005.

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Car fans will remember this era where the Nissan Versa played an obvious role in Heroes. It’s clear that the company was trying to get creative with promoting its vehicles.

8 7-Up and Pepsi have no place at JJBA, but there they are

7 up and pocky in jojo's bizarre adventure

Look. It is completely understandable that Hirohiko Araki, acclaimed mangaka from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, I would like to collaborate with Gucci. The fashion industry is an interesting place and Araki’s art is the definition of interesting. Araki partnered with Gucci and fashion magazine Spur for an exhibition when the Gucci store in Shibuya reopened in 2011.

What does less The meaning is Dio walking outside in Cairo, Egypt, and smiling proudly at a 7 sign, but that’s precisely what happens in an early OVA. Other JJBA Product placement moments involve Pepsi, Givenchy, Sony, and Pocky. Credit to whom the credit corresponds, however: JJBA it’s weird enough to get away with it.

7 Macross welcomes you to FamilyMart Cosmos

KonbiniJapanese convenience stores are not the same as convenience stores in the United States. People can pay their bills, buy food, have lunch by the window, and even participate in monthly games that earn them collectible merchandise. Given this, it’s not surprising that stories of convenience often make deals with anime producers and indulge in cross-promotion.

Few cases are as blatant and gruesome as the FamilyMart deal with Macross Frontier: The False Singer. Alto follows Ranka into a FamilyMart in the movie, and Ranka actually sings a song called FamilyMart Cosmos on the soundtrack.

6 Snickers surprises Nichijou fans

nichijou girls and product placement

This may not be direct product placement, because it is unclear if SNICKERS or Mars, Inc. had a say in the antics of the Nichijou to emit. In an all-game joke comedy series, the sudden appearance of a SNICKERS bar may have just been a whim, right? We can only hope.

Countless animes have incorporated real products and companies more indirectly to avoid copyright infringement. That is why Maou-sama from The devil is a partial timer works at MgRonald’s and Rintaro de Steins; Door DK drinks. Pepper. But Nichijou it actually named and displayed an actual SNICKERS bar, a clear sign that the show was paid to do so.

5 The Nike stamp is all over Basquash!

nike basquash tie

Nike has managed to maintain a reputation as one of the coolest shoe brands for decades, but it’s doubtful Basquash! has something to do with it. Despite a lucrative deal with the company, the show itself is considered a flop, and the average otaku may not even have heard of it. A series of mecha-slash-basketball, Basquash! it even features the Nike logo in its opening credits. Nike launched a limited edition line of Basquash! shoes in 2009, and even robots are wearing them.

4 Yamaha dominates musical anime

yamaha pianos in anime

There are many musical instrument companies in the world, but by looking at anime, fans can deduce that Yamaha is the only company that has produced a piano in human history.

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Possibly because it is not only a reputable company, but also a very Japanese one, Yamaha Corporation has sponsored more than a few musical anime series. Yamaha instruments appear in Evangelion 3.0, K-On, Children on the slope, Y Nodame Cantabile. In the meantime, Your lie in april He clearly made a deal with Steinway & Sons, as no other type of piano appears in the series.

3 Doritos, Lawson, and everything else weighs heavily on Evangelion’s rebuild

evangelion product placement

Evangelion It’s one of the most successful franchises of all time, but when it originally aired, people didn’t know what it was going to convert, and the original series didn’t have any product locations to speak of. The sandwiches were generic, all brand X items. But by when Rebuild arrived, companies were struggling to appear in the film. Evangelion Subsequently, merch has been produced for each strip, for better or for worse.

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These days fans can get Hello kitty X Evangelion stuffed animals, Evangelion razors, Shinji and Kaworu themed body spray and Evangelion Tamagotchis. The first two Rebuild movies feature Doritos extensively, as well as Lawson’s convenience stores (there’s one at NERV headquarters!) And Yebisu beer. Evangelion has a dark view of humanity, but perhaps his tendency to make easy money is even darker.

2 Sinners’ Garden or Haagen-Dazs Garden?

Sinners garden It’s quite a heavy title for an anime movie series, and the content is certainly not light. Set in the 1990s, the show features a paranormal story that addresses topics ranging from suicide to incest. The only thing that doesn’t belong absolutely in a story about such sensitive topics? A whole subplot that centers around Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

That’s how it is. More than one Sinners garden The film incorporates Haagen-Dazs strawberry ice cream. Apparently, the fact that a character only eats Haagen-Dazs is actually part of the source material as well, but if that’s not blatantly begging for a link, what is?

1 Pizza Hut is cheaper Code Geass (and several other series, too)

You know product placement has gotten out of hand when a whole filler episode is about making a giant pizza. Yes, this happens halfway through the supposed melodramatic political thriller that is Geass Code, and to say that the episode aged poorly is giving it too much credit: television was terrible to begin with.

Pizza Hut did a lot of anime marketing in the early 2000s, especially with Sunrise. And yet Geass Code may have been hit the hardest with it, in part because the show’s creators thought it would be fun to add even more Pizza Hut glimpses than they should, shows like Darker than black and movies like The girl who leapt through time he was also a victim. Geass Code It was already a series designed solely for profit, but the shameless product placement made it much worse.

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