The Avengers poster is pictured with alternate actors as the MCU’s Earth’s mightiest heroes, like Tom Hiddleston as Thor and Tom Cruise as Iron Man.

the Avengers fan-art envisions other actors to play Earth’s mightiest heroes, like T0m Hiddleston as Thor and Tom Cruise as Iron Man. Almost ten years have passed since Marvel Studios culminated Phase 1 with the 2012 ensemble project. Since then, the MCU has seen the introduction of many new characters. However, its founding members have remained fan favorites throughout the years.

Marvel Studios is known for casting unexpected actors for their lead roles, and while the original Avengers lineup is perfectly cast, at the time, some choices were riskier than others. The best example of this was casting Robert Downey Jr. to play the MCU’s inaugural hero Tony Stark / Iron Man; While the actor is known for his talent, his struggles with substance abuse made him a risky employee. The same goes for Chris Hemsworth as Thor, as he was essentially an unknown star when he was cast. Thor.

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However, if things had turned out to be slightly different, the cast of Avengers could have radically changed, as the Reddit user u / digimeng stands out in a fantastic fan artwork. Actors who were previously considered for the roles of the original Earth’s mightiest heroes replace those who were ultimately cast. Some notable names on the list include Cruise as Iron Man, Hiddleston as Thor, John Krasinski as Captain America, and Emily Blunt as Black Widow. Look at the image below:

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Hiddleston has been open about initially coming to audition for the God of Thunder in Kenneth Branagh’s first movie. Thor 2011 movie. He was eventually cast as Loki, and it can be argued that it all worked out well in his favor. The God of Mischief has quickly become a fan favorite, even as Marvel Studios struggled with the right approach for his brother. The character died multiple times in the MCU, but the events of his Disney + series, Loki, implies that not only does he have a long way to go in the franchise, but he may also be its most important character.

Aside from Hiddleston, no one else in the selection has made it to the MCU. However, with persistent rumors that the real-life couple, Krasinski and Blunt, will be playing Reed Richards and Sue Storm in director Jon Watts’ upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, the pair may have another chance to join the ranks. franchise. The couple have been repeatedly asked to comment on the casting, but have maintained that these rumors have no merit. But, if it comes to fruition, it would be fascinating that, while they have lost the opportunity to star the Avengers, they could still be part of another top-tier Marvel superhero team.

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Source: u / digimeng / Reddit

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