The ending of Blood Red Sky may be predictable, but it carries more emotional weight than you might expect.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Netflix’s Blood Red Sky, available now on Netflix.

On Netflix Blood red sky, Elias and his mother, Nadja, fly from Germany to New York so that he can see a specialist and get help for his blood disorder. However, in mid-flight, a group of people hijack the plane and Nadja is forced to reveal the true nature of her disorder in order to save her son. In short, Nadja is a vampire and, as with movies like this, she has to die in the end. But nevertheless, Blood red sky breaks the mold by making Nadja’s death unexpectedly heartbreaking.

As the movie begins, Trans-Atlantic 473 lands at an RAF airbase in Scotland. But it is not the pilot flying, it is a single injured passenger who makes contact with air traffic control and lands the plane as instructed. Soon after, a boy comes down an open door in the cargo hold, but no one else comes out. Not without reason, Scottish military personnel believe the hijackers are still alive and are holding the passenger captive, but they couldn’t be more wrong because, at the time, everyone on the plane was a vampire.

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Peri Baumeister and Carl Anton Koch in Blood Red Sky

Along the Blood red sky, viewers see what starts out as normal flight turns into utter and utter chaos. Part of the crew is involved in the hijacking, and they easily kill the air stewards and take over the flight. While the passengers are held hostage, Elias escapes and hides in the cargo hold, but when his mother goes to look for him, he shoots him. To survive, go down and drink the blood of a dog and one of the kidnappers. Nadja knows that to save her son, she will have to reveal her true vampire nature and kill all the kidnappers.

And she’s on her way to being successful until a particularly psychotic kidnapper immobilizes her with a black light flashlight, fills her with her own medication, and takes some blood. Then, to Nadja’s horror, the kidnapper injects himself and becomes like her: cursed for drinking blood. Then chaos ensues when he turns everyone on the plane into vampires. There were a few unsuccessful attempts to stop him, but by the time the plane lands in Scotland, everyone except the passenger locked on the flight deck and Elias is dead and ready to drink blood.

The ending from that point is pretty obvious: the explosives that the kidnappers tampered with earlier in the movie have to detonate to save the world from an infestation of newly converted vampires, but how it happens is unexpected. After escaping the plane, he avoids the doctors who are trying to get him out of a hospital and realizes that the vampires are about to make their grand entrance. But before he can react, his mother jumps out of the plane and starts running towards him.

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Throughout the movie, it’s clear that Elias knows his mother’s secret, and does all sorts of simple things to help her, including checking in at the airport just so his mother can avoid the sun and calling his doctor for medicine. additional. It is clear that she was never afraid of her mother’s condition and, on the other hand, Nadja did everything she could to protect her son. Even when he lets his true self emerge, he’s only doing it to save him from the kidnappers. However, by the end of the film, she knows that she is too far away and cannot control herself, forcing her to turn away the sun.

The moment she jumps out of the plane, Elias knows that his mother is long gone and that he must kill her and the other vampires. In an otherwise predictable movie, the ending hits with an emotional weight as Elias is the one forced to detonate the explosives and kill his mother. He wanted nothing more than to help her, and that was exactly why he had to end her suffering.

To see Elias fight to survive a horde of vampires, Blood red sky is now streaming on Netflix.

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