Battlefield 2042 will include classic maps in its customizable Portal mode, but none of them will have been updated to include modern Levolution.

Battlefield 2042and its recently announced Portal game mode offer Battlefield Gamers An Exciting Opportunity: Re-visit older games in the series at 2042Updated Frostbite engine. Battlefield Portal is a highly customizable new game mode coming 2042 at launch that will allow players to use maps, weapons, vehicles and more than Battlefield 1942, Bad company 2, Y BF3. A wide selection of each of the assets from these classic games has been remade in 2042, although this update to the fan favorite Battlefield Maps will not include new Levolution items.

Levolution was introduced in Battlefield 4 as a major iteration on the series’ signature destruction. While the expected amount of destruction by explosives remained throughout Battlefield 4, Levolution was the term adopted to include scripted player-triggered events that could occur in the middle of a multiplayer match. Some were more mundane, such as lowering one end of a walkway to create a ramp or raising bollards to prevent vehicular access to an area. More dramatic examples of Levolution include collapsing skyscrapers or huge radar antennas smashing to the ground, changing the entire landscape of the battlefield.

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While the prospect of playing classic maps in Battlefield 2042 is exciting in itself, players should not expect any drastic changes. All 2042 The Levolution maps and their items will be playable in the Battlefield Portal, but the classic maps will be more conservative remakes, primarily intended to revamp visuals. Only the maps of Battlefield 1942 It will come with major structural changes.

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1942 version of Battlefield 2042 will add destruction

Everything revealed on EA Play Live 2021 Battlefield 2042 Portal

When Battlefield 2042 launches, will include two maps of Battlefield 1942 in Portal – Battle of the Bulge and El Alamein. These classic maps will receive the most treatment from the Ripple Effect developers, including the new destruction addition. Blow up buildings and structures in Battlefield was added in the first Bad Company. Before this, as in the original 1942, moderate damage could be done, such as blowing up a bridge so that vehicles could not pass, but nothing as complete as bringing down an entire building as in Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Understandably, large-scale Levolution events are not retroactively added to the maps of Battlefield 1942, but the added destruction is an interesting addition. In an information session of SHE, 2042 Senior producer Kristoffer Bergqvist claims that the remade 1942 The maps were intended to more fully realize the vision of the original developers, but this is also likely a change to provide some continuity between all the Portal maps. The destruction of Bad Company was made possible by the Frostbite engine, which did not exist in 2002 when 1942 released, but having only two maps without such destruction in the last Battlefield it would be strange.

It will be fascinating to see how the additions change the way classic maps are played. The impermanence of some structures will certainly make classic tactics obsolete, but it won’t change the game as drastically as Levolution could have. Battlefield Portal appears to be the love letter to fans that is touted as an attempt to modernize the classic content for Battlefield 2042, without compromising the original designs.

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