Olivia Cooke talks about her new Targaryen Queen character for the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon and vows to bring out the worst in her.

Dragon House The star, Olivia Cooke, talks about the complexity of the characters and how the events of the show will make fans want to see the worst in their Targaryen Queen. Dragon House is an upcoming fantasy series that will premiere on the HBO Max streaming service. The spin-off is a prequel to the events of Game of Thrones, set hundreds of years before the conflict between the Starks, Lannisters and Targaryens, and is based on the novel by author George RR Martin, Fire and blood.

Dragon House releases in 2022 and will have a ten-episode first season. Follow the origin of how House Targaryen, introduced in the A song of ice and fire series, fell from power in Westeros. In the prequel, Olivia Cooke plays Queen Alicent Hightower of Westeros, the second wife of King Viserys Targaryen (Paddy Considine), and is in conflict with her stepdaughter, Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, for the right to the Iron Throne.

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While briefly chatting about the prequel with Collider, Cooke revealed that the conflict between Queen Alicent and Emma D’Arcy’s Princess Rhaenyra will bring out the worst in her character. He continues to refer to the complexity of the other rulers and characters in Game of Thrones, whose narcissistic personalities and immoral behaviors constantly saw them commit heinous acts for their own benefit. Like the notorious female rulers who followed her a hundred years later Dragon House – namely, Cersei Lannister and the ‘Mad Queen’ Daenerys Targaryen – Cooke indicates that Queen Alicent will do whatever it takes to bring her family to the Iron Throne.

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“It’s very complex and I think people will want to see the worst of it.”

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Cooke’s understanding of his queen’s characterization and awareness of the expectations already set for these powerful matriarchs from all eight seasons of Game of Thrones, it will certainly lead to an interesting and diverse representation on the screen. It is also clear that the Princess of D’Arcy, Rhaenyra Targaryen, will be instrumental in providing the conflict and bringing out the ‘worst’ in Queen Alicent Hightower. This is sure to create a dangerous dynamic between the two female leads, both fighting for their right to the throne. game of Thrones viewers have already seen this so it will be intriguing to see how this ratio compares.

Many who will tune in to see Dragon House You will already be aware of the kinds of acts that the Kings and Queens in George RR Martin’s world were prepared to do to maintain their reign and continue their legacy in Westeros. With the main plot of the prequel focused on showing how the Targaryen line became powerless and vulnerable at the beginning of Game of Thrones, and Olivia Cooke detailing her character’s morally gray villainy to come, it seems viewers are in for a bit of female-centric empowerment, rivalry and leadership, in a showdown that will ultimately showcase the downfall of the much-loved Targaryen bloodline.

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Source: Collider

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