The anime adaptation of I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years and have maxed out my level it was a hit when its first season aired. This isekai anime series involved Azusa, the protagonist, trying to live a slow life before finally getting caught up in a lot of shenanigans three hundred years later. As soon as it ended, fans were already asking for a second season.

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At the time of writing, it is currently unknown whether I’ve been killing slimes It will be renewed for a second season. However, if so, there are many high expectations. From craving for more epic combat scenes to developing various relationships, fans are hoping these dreams will come true in another season of the anime.

10 More battle scenes will show the characters’ abilities

azusa shield slimes

I’ve been killing slimes featured some epic combat scenes, particularly between Azusa and companions and enemies like Beelzebub and the Demon King, but even more battles would make season two even better.

Many especially enjoyed watching Azusa and Beezelbub battles against each other, as even though Azusa was dominated for being a typical isekai protagonist, Beezelbub did not facilitate her victory. Having more combat scenes would also give other characters like Rosalie, Falfa, and Eno potential opportunities to show off their abilities.

9 More antics of life between Azusa and her friends

Fightie with azusa slimes

Considering the anime’s status as an isekai anime of life, fans want to see more of the hilarious antics and situations that go on with Azusa trying to live her slow lifestyle, especially now that she has so many other people living with her. . There are also expected to be more hilarious fallout from Azusa’s three-hundred-year-old lifestyle before everyone joins her.

8 More backstory for Beelzebub and the Demon King

Although fans enjoyed learning about the main cast and being featured in the first season, some are especially interested in seeing the stories of Beelzebub and the Demon King. They want to know more about how they became demons in the first place, as well as how they gained the positions they currently hold.

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It would be fun to see more of Beelzebub and Pecora’s development by sharing more of their background, as well as the demon realm they live in.

7 More about dragons and their clans

time flatorte meat lemons

It was established in season one that the red and blue dragons lived in separate clans and even fought each other, until Azusa finally forced them to sign a peace treaty after the blue dragons crashed into Laika’s sister’s wedding. . However, some fans are curious if there are other dragons and dragon clans to meet. Many also wonder how the peace treaty between the clans in general is going; Are they adhering to the treaty and living a better life, or are there more conflicts that need to be resolved first?

6 More about the development of Shalsha and Falfa

While some want to see more of the dragon-related connections of Laika and Falfa, others want to know more about Shalsha and Falfa, the two spirit girls from the slime. They were introduced in the second episode as Azusa’s daughters due to Azusa killing so many slimes in the past for XP and money. However, the question arises as to whether there are other slime spirit people that exist thanks to Azusa. Fans also want to learn more about Falfa and Shalsha’s magical abilities, as Shalsha nearly beat Azusa in her debut episode with them.

5 More of Halkara’s medicinal inventions

international limos

It was discussed in the first season that Halkara is the owner of several “Nutri-Spirit” factories, and one of the episodes involves a newly built factory that is being haunted by the ghost Rosalie. Fans are curious if Halkara will expand its services to make other types of mass-produced potions.

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Either way, Halkara is expected to have more accidents on both the medical and mushroom side, considering all the accidents he committed during the first season.

4 Is Rosalie the only ghost or will there be more in season two?

rosalie slimes

Rosalie was introduced midway through the first season as a ghost and even temporarily possessed Halkara during her debut episode. Fans loved Rosalie after she used her skills to help the main cast manage the cafe during the season finale, as well as in other situations.

However, her presence made fans wonder if Rosalie is the only ghost that will be present on the series, or if there will be more. Considering the large number and variety of supernatural beings that have already been encountered so far, it is likely that there will be more ghosts in the future.

3 More sweet melodies from Kuku in season two

kuku with flatorte slimes

Kuku was introduced at the end of the first season, where she struggled with her music career due to the lack of authenticity she had with herself as a musician. However, after getting help from Azusa and her friends, Kuku’s career took off and he even returned in the season finale to help out with coffee.

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Fans loved Kuku’s new music and want to hear a few more songs from her if she returns in the next season. Considering how well he bonded with Flatorte the blue dragon, their friendship could use a bit more screen time as well.

2 The return of the demon king

Pecora The Demon King of I've been killing slimes

The Demon King, also known as Pecora Allieres, was hilariously cute and powerful, and his desire to have a brotherly bond with Azusa was charming. Even though he almost had Halkara executed, Azusa and the rest of the cast eventually got over him. Pecora even came back in the season finale to help out with coffee as another waitress. Fans are keen for Pecora to return in the next season in some way, especially to show off her fighting prowess as a powerful demon.

1 More of Laika and Azusa’s bond in development

sick time heard

There were some fans who loved Laika and Azusa’s interactions from the very first episode. Some even hope these two can get together romantically, considering all the close bonding moments they already had in season one. It is unknown whether or not they will, but it is true that they have the closest link in the series so far. Their friendship together is one of the most memorable in I’ve been killing slimes, and a second season would give them a chance to get even closer.

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