Red Dead Online continues to allow players more ways to make money, but it has given them very little of value to buy with their winnings.

Rockstar’s Western Frontier already had a serious monetary problem, but the latest update makes it clear that the money has officially become worthless in Red Dead Online. It didn’t start out that way, and new players will certainly need a handful of dollars and maybe a few more dollars to get things going. However, very quickly, the game reaches a point where players have an abundance of cash.

This dilemma is strange, considering Red Dead Online ‘The recent update has money in its title, and that’s literally all the missions reward. There is a monotonous system in Blood money that falsely inflates the work that players are doing, but some extra money is all that players get for their time and effort at the end of the day. A strange reward considering that, for veteran players, there is nothing left in Red Dead Online to buy.

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Red Dead OnlineThe problem has doubled on this front, with more missions being added slowly to earn cash, and yet there are no new additions of things to buy with said cash. This goes hand in hand with Rockstar’s approach to RDO’s season pass system, which is one of the few ways new content is introduced on the western frontier. However, these passes cost gold bars rather than cash, and all the rewards they contain naturally cost no more once players unlock them. The only things the recent update added that cost cash are the above. Red Dead Online Season Pass items that veteran players have likely already earned.

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Solving the Red Dead Online money problem

Red Dead Online Blood Money Season Pass Quick Checkout Club

New players may find the money routine quite challenging at first. After all, camp upgrades and RPG items cost cash in addition to the RPG tokens used to unlock them. However, that fight quickly disappears after a few weeks of exhausting all Red Dead Online Role ranks and all the daily missions and challenges that go along with it. Before long, new players will find themselves in the same boat as veteran players who have tens of thousands hidden waiting for something to buy. Fortunately, there is a whole western world of possibilities to alleviate this problem.

Rockstar could introduce things requested by fans for a long time, like houses to buy. He has already dabbled in this area with the Moonshine Hut, and is making a Dead red Settlers expansion would give players a true frontier experience. Camp improvements could be made to make it a more nuanced aspect of the game, just like in the campaign. Things like a butcher’s stand to sell excess merchandise or a poker table to be able to sit together and play a few rounds would dramatically enhance the experience of Red Dead Online.

Certainly there is room for much larger endeavors as well. REVbrother of today GTA Online has developed an excellent balance in using money to unlock bigger and better missions. Players can’t make their first heist until they buy a penthouse, they have to buy an even more expensive arcade to do the Casino Heist, and they have to spend even more on a submarine to do the Cayo Perico heist. This gradual system of earning money to buy a new property and earn more money would work perfectly in Red Dead Online, with anything from epic and extensive steamboat robberies to massive fur trader expeditions and more.

The possibilities are endless for the beautifully realized western frontier, but for the moment, the good, the bad, and the ugly of Red Dead Online The monetary system will continue to endure. Hardcore fans will still have more ways to earn cash, but until some really new content arrives. Red Dead Online, everything has become a worthless coin.

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