During the course of Pokémon Unite, players can choose from several different unique Pokémon. This guide shows the best build for Talonflame.

The latest addition to Pokemon game series has its players competing against their enemies in a League of Legends called MOBA style Pokemon Unite. Each player will choose a Pokémon and join four other players to score points against the opposing team. Those hoping to win will need to work together with their friends and have a deep understanding of the Pokémon they choose to play with.

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While there are several different Pokémon that the player can choose from during the course of Pokémon Unite, there are some that are naturally a better option than others. If those best options are played correctly and the player builds their character well, they can be well above their opponents during a match. The Pokémon Talonflame is one of those best options that the player can choose from, and this guide shows the best possible build for the character.

Pokemon Unite: Best Talonflame Build

Pokemon Moba

There are many different types of Pokémon for players to choose from ranging from various generations of Pokémon. Talonflame is a Speedster-type Pokémon, which means that the best build for this character will focus on increasing their speed and the speed with which they attack opponents. When the match begins, the player will start playing as Fletchling and will need to level up to evolve Talonflame and have full access to all Pokémon abilities.

Talonflame has several different abilities to choose from, but again, some of them are better suited to your play style than others. As the player levels the Pokémon, here are the moves the player will want to select:

Level one – At level one, the player will have their basic attack and will also have access to Peck and Acrobatics. Peck will make Talonflame fly towards the opponent and attack him three times in a row. However, stunts will allow the player to run forward to attack, but will also retreat immediately afterwards to avoid a counterattack.

Level five – By leveling up to the fifth level, the player gains the ability to level up their pecking skill. The player needs to transform it into Aerial Ace, as this ability will work similarly to Peck, but will also increase this attack power from Talonflame’s next basic attack. Also, if the player reaches level 11, they will also get higher damage from this attack.

Level seven – Upon reaching the seventh level, the player will also gain the ability to upgrade Acrobatics. This ability should transform into Brave Bird, which will grant the player the ability to cover Talonflame in fire and launch himself in an AOE attack. They will be knocked back from this attack, but the cooldown of other abilities will also be reduced. If the player reaches level thirteen, the recoil will be drastically reduced.

In addition to selecting the correct moves, players will also want to make sure they are bringing the correct items into battle. Each Pokémon can have three separate items in its possession at once, and these are best for Talonflame’s stats:

  • Floating stone – This increases Talonflame’s speed and attack.
  • Attack Weight – With this Talonflame equipped you will have already increased the attack, but it will increase even more after scoring a point.
  • Scope lens – This final item will increase both the critical chance and critical damage of all Talonflame attacks.

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Pokemon Unite It can be played on Nintendo Switch now and on iOS and Android later this year.

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