After overcoming internal troubles, Ted Lasso’s season 2 now gives the AFC Richmond coach and locker room two massive new problems.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the Ted Lasso season 2 premiere., “Bye, Earl” now available on Apple TV +.

Season 1 of Ted Ribbon It gave Coach Ted (Jason Sudeikis) more inside trouble than he anticipated. He was ready for challenges on the field, but between a saboteur boss in Rebecca and issues with the selfish Jamie, not to mention Roy Kent’s temper, it was locker room hell for the American. Fortunately, Ted more or less solved all of those problems, starting Season 2 with a clean slate as AFC Richmond looks for a promotion. But sadly, two new and massive problems have emerged that have derailed the mission.

The first unforeseen drama comes up with a new face, Jan Maas, who is a nice guy but has a streak of honesty that is quite damaging. The rest of the team is not fazed as he is, well, Dutch, but Ted is afraid of hearing Jan insult players for poor performances. It does not mean that he is ill, but the tact does not exist at all, despite the friendly tone, which is seen when he speaks frankly that Dani Rojas’ mental health problems are ending his career.

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Ted is not someone to criticize like this, and even constructive criticism is tempered. Jan has already figured out Ted’s “goldfish” plan where he asks the boys to forget about the games, as Ted’s research showed goldfish have short memories, either have won or lost. He just wants them to move on, but Jan doesn’t mind dwelling on the past to improve and evolve. Jan’s reaction clearly indicates that the two will have a confrontation due to their different philosophies. Ted worked so hard to control Jamie’s ego and he doesn’t want this to get out of control.

Second, there is a shocking new jerk on Nathan, the friendly kitman who was promoted to Ted’s staff. Nate rudely denies a gardener time off for his mother’s birthday, believing that work comes first. He even comments that the mother is not a gamer, so it is not a priority, surprising Ted.

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Later, Nate is annoyed that Dani can’t stop killing a dog with his penalty kick, downplaying his sanity. He is abhorrent when he suggests that all the inspiration Dani needs is to see his paycheck in his face.

It is quite dark and alarming to Ted, who dismisses it as a joke. Deep down, however, you know you will have to address it, as it is about positivity, not toxicity. It’s a huge surprise, but there were signs last season when Nate cursed careless players in an inspiring moment to amplify them. However, it feels like he has demons outside the field that he has to work on, and Ted may have to step up to save his friend’s personal life and career.

See how Nathan’s new persona affects Ted and AFC Richmond in Ted Lasso Season 2 on Apple TV +. Episode 1, “Goodbye, Earl” is out now, with subsequent episodes debuting weekly.

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