In recent DC Comics stories, the Teen Titans prove to be a much stronger and better connected team than the Justice League.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Nightwing # 82, Justice League # 65, Y Justice League: Last Voyage # 3

In recent issues of DC Comics, the Teen Titans are proving to be a stronger and better connected team compared to the League of Justice. Not just the most recent issue of At night see the Titans leaping into action at the mere thought that Dick Grayson is in trouble, but the most recent issue of League of Justice he sees that the League does not achieve similar results when the Hall of Justice is attacked. Additionally, Batman expresses his strong confidence in the Titans over the League in Justice League: Last Voyage.

In Nightwing # 82 Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo, Nightwing regained consciousness after being knocked out by Melinda Zucco, the new mayor of Blüdhaven and Dick Grayson’s secret half-sister. However, he quickly sent a message to Oracle, who had already called the ordeal on the mere thought that he might have been in trouble. While the rescue attempt turned out to be unnecessary, the Titans were ready to go and were almost there, ready to save their teammate at any moment, demonstrating their commitment to each other. It’s an almost familiar display of concern and care, and it makes sense seeing how they all grew up together.

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On the contrary, the recent Justice League # 65 Brian Michael Bendis and Steve Pugh saw the Hall of Justice being attacked by the mighty Synmar Utopica. However, while the League members present in the Hall fought hard, Synmar was too fast and too strong, prompting Batman to send a priority call to each and every member of the League of the League. Justice for help. However, reinforcements were unable to arrive before the Hall of Justice was caught in a massive explosion. While Synmar’s threat came as a surprise, it doesn’t change the fact that there were League members like Green Arrow and Black Canary who were unable to respond due to being concerned about their own problems. Meanwhile, the Titans had an incredible response time despite not having any confirmation that Nightwing was Really in trouble and in need of help.

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Further, Justice League: Last Voyage # 3 Chip Zdarsky and Miguel Mendonça saw the Justice League disband in the face of significant losses, though they have reunited for one last mission in this alternate timeline. However, while some members of the League are interested in staying together, Batman is less interested and is willing to let the League die for the Titans to take over, having full confidence that Earth would be safe in their wake. hands (which is a great compliment). from the Dark Knight).

It should come as no surprise that the Titans are being brought into this new spotlight where they may rival and perhaps even surpass the Justice League one day. Having grown up together, they have incredibly strong family ties that the Justice League doesn’t quite have. The League was formed when everyone was an adult and as such they are more like friends from work than family.

The Titans have even taken it upon themselves to create a structured environment where the next generation of heroes can learn from it. Teen Titans Academy, which is something the Justice League has never done either. As a result, the Teen Titans have shown in recent editions that they can come face to face with the League of Justice, and it certainly seems like they are the best and strongest team in the DC Universe in multiple ways.

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