Welcome to season 3 of Plathville has finally received the green light and many TLC viewers want to know what they can expect from the upcoming season.

The TLC network has announced that Welcome to Plathville Season 3 will air in August and we are here to share details about the upcoming season. Fans think this is the perfect summer show and are wondering what to expect from the latest installment. Season 2 ended with a lot of tension and many wonder if the older kids have strayed even further from their traditional core values.

While Kim and Barry Plath lived very ordinary lives, they decided to raise their children with Duggar-style Christian values ​​that included no sugar, no television, and basically no fun. Over the past two seasons, older kids Ethan Plath, Moriah Plath, and Micah Plath have decided they wanted to explore the world more. Moriah has always shared that she felt like the black sheep of the family, and Micah has put her abs to work when she started modeling. Ethan and his wife Olivia have been the thorn in Barry and Kim’s sides. The parents feel that Olivia corrupted Ethan’s thinking. Actually, she just gave him new experiences. TLC viewers thought Ethan getting a matching tattoo with Olivia was going to be the highlight of the season, but instead, it turned out to be the fight between Major Plath and Barry.

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Welcome to Plathville Fans are likely to see some older siblings trying to reconcile with their parents. Many believe that Moriah and Micah will do this. During the season finale, they went to his family’s house. to be honest with his parents. Olivia seemed to be more hurt thanks to the judgment of her in-laws and made it clear that she did not want to live in the same city as Kim and Barry. It seems that the married couple will fulfill their promise to leave everyone and everything behind. TLC viewers are concerned that the family will never recover.

TLC also added a new digital series, Plathville: Steamy Nights in Cairo, which will premiere on Discovery +. The premise of the little spin-off is to give fans a way to follow couples and singles from Welcome to Plathville. The cast will discuss their favorite romantic music, treasures, and even how they prepare for date nights. Fans can tune in to the new season in August to see exactly what’s going on between the Plaths.

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