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28 days later and its sequel, 28 weeks later, are some of the most beloved zombie movies of the 21st century. Blending high-octane action, gory and tempting horror, and introspective character work, the films have earned both critical acclaim and massive popularity over the years.

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Unfortunately, not everything is perfect when it comes to the plot of the series. Nothing is necessarily detrimental to the film, but questionable inconsistencies remain nonetheless. And they can be very annoying, actually. 28 weeks later In particular, it earned some criticism for its script full of plot holes, with fans questioning many aspects of the film’s story and character interactions.

10 Didn’t the lab have security measures?

Chimp infected 28 days later

28 days later It begins with a group of animal rights activists breaking into some kind of laboratory and rescuing the test chimpanzees. And according to the movie, it is notably easy to do.

The activists face no resistance along the way and there are no security guards to speak of. There is only one employee who works the night shift, and the violent and virus-ridden chimps are locked behind a padlock and a Plexiglas panel. Surely there would be more security measures than this, considering the potential for extreme violence and a deadly virus that spreads easily.

9 How did the infected not die from dehydration?

A zombie with red eyes staring at a woman.

It is clearly established throughout the series that “zombies” are not actually zombies in the traditional sense, but humans infected with the so-called rabies virus. Traditional zombies are undead humans, so their unstoppable nature makes sense within the context of those stories.

But because the zombies of 28 days later they are technically fair Really angry humans, raises questions about their mortality. In fact, the ending sees the zombies wither and starve, so it’s clear that basic human biology still applies to them. So why don’t they die of dehydration after just a few days?

8 Wasn’t there a zombie in the heart of London?

Jim’s foray into silent, abandoned London is one of the best scenes in zombie movies, but it really doesn’t make sense within the context of the story. Later, Mark hints that zombies don’t like sunlight, saying, “Travel alone during the day, unless you have no other choice.”

The use of “unless you have no choice” seems to imply that zombies will continue to attack in daylight, and this is confirmed in 28 weeks later. So there’s no way Jim can travel through central London while screaming at the top of his lungs and setting off car alarms without drawing unwanted attention.

7 How did the lights in the grocery store work?

Frank looking at apples in 28 days later

While the grocery store scene 28 days later It’s fun and provides some much-needed lightness, and it comes with some serious problems. For one thing, the lights are still on in the store when London has length been without power. To make matters even more puzzling, the store’s external shot shows the lights are off.

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Also, how did the characters not walk away from the putrid smell of rotten fish, fermented fruit, and spoiled meat? At the very least, the characters should have covered their noses and commented on the smell.

6 Were the soldiers really that desperate?

28 Days Later Major West

28 days later is a pretty unconventional zombie movie, as it depicts humans as the real villains. While zombies are certainly great movie monsters, much of the third act is devoted to the very real fear of other human beings. The big twist of the movie is that the radio broadcast was actually a hook by the military to capture women and subject them to sexual assault in the hopes of keeping the human race alive.

But you have to remember that barely a month has passed since the outbreak began. The fact that the military is desperate enough to assault a teenager after such a short time borders on the ridiculous.

5 Why didn’t they protect Alice?

Military wielding arms 28 weeks later

The 28 The series has a serious problem with insufficient protection from dangerous entities. One of the strangest things about 28 weeks later it’s the ease with which Don can access Alice. You simply swipe your card through a few stations and enter your unprotected room.

No one is stationed outside your door, you are not protected by ten layers of protective glass, there is not even a security camera inside your room. Having a carrier of the virus without great security protection is hugely incompetent.

4 Why did they keep Alice in the heart of London?

An image of Alice looking shocked 28 weeks later

Proving that fast zombies are scarier than slow ones, the Rage virus spreads and destroys central London in just a few hours. But that would never have happened if Alice weren’t in the middle of town.

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It is quite possible that the military wanted to run the tests as quickly as possible, but that seems to put convenience before public safety. Alice should have been quarantined far from the heart of London. But it wasn’t, and the virus spread through the city like wildfire.

3 How did Alice escape from the house?

Robert Carlyle in 28 weeks later

In one of the best opening scenes in the horror genre, Don and Alice are surrounded by a large group of zombies while hiding inside an isolated house. Don infamously leaves Alice behind once the zombies separate them, and when he looks back, she jerks away from the window.

Later, it is revealed that she was bitten by a zombie, but was somehow able to escape the house. It seems highly unlikely and unrealistic that he would have escaped with a bite, especially considering the number of zombies inside the house. In reality, her hungry attackers would have quickly mutilated her.

2 Why didn’t the infected attack?

Don and Alice standing in the dark

For some unknown reason, the infected Gift acts in a completely different way than the rest of the zombies. Throughout the movie, Don is seen stalking his children and watching Andy from a distance. It is almost as if he recognized his son and refused to attack / was looking after him and making sure he escaped from London.

It is not clear why it does this. Don is just another infected, and he should have run towards Andy and the group of survivors upon seeing them with the intent to kill.

1 What kind of containment plan was that?

Idris Elba in 28 weeks later

The containment plan seen in 28 weeks later he’s gloriously stupid in almost every way, and nothing makes sense. Instead of locking everyone inside their own apartments, they decide to take the entire population to an underground containment chamber like cattle. Also, this camera is protected by nothing more than a chained lock. Naturally, the infected Don enters and begins to spread the virus.

And when the alarm was raised, they turned off the lights for some ridiculous reason, making it even more difficult to identify those infected. By the time the situation reached Code Red (kill everyone), it was already far Too late.

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