Christian Birkenberger and Alyssa Lopez from Big Brother 23 are now in a show. The rest of the house is catching up and it could affect the game.

The new season of Older brother 23 It’s now in its third week, and the Christian Birkenberger-Alyssa Lopez show is heating up. There have been many popular shows in the history of Eldest brother. Couples like Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones and Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly, aka “Brenchel, “managed to find love in the house. Older brother 23 It didn’t have any shows in bloom in its first few weeks, but now it seems that at least one show is in full bloom.

In the first week of the season, then-head of household Brandon “Frenchie” French targeted Alyssa because he predicted that she would eventually get involved in a showmance with Christian. Christian was one of Frenchie’s original targets that week, but he gained confidence by winning the Wild Card Competition, which is why Frenchie, who referred to himself as the “killer of the show”, he went after Alyssa instead. Eventually he changed his target to Travis Long. Alyssa survived the eviction and Travis became the first guest to be evicted. Frenchie’s HOH reign was chaotic and made him the second guest to be evicted, but his prediction about Christian and Alyssa was spot on.

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Although reluctant to get into a show in the first two weeks, Alyssa and Christian have grown much closer in the house. They began sleeping in the same bed at night, hugging and whispering to each other while their housemates slept. Then, viewers of the live broadcasts caught a hilarious moment when the head of the family, Xavier Prather, walked into the HOH room to find Alyssa and Christian kissing under a blanket. They were both embarrassed, and Xavier taunted them saying he knew they were a show the whole time. “Do you think you are skilled?” joked.

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Christian Alyssa older brother

When Xavier left the HOH room, Christian and Alyssa immediately realized the ramifications of the incident on the game. Alyssa told Christian that she knew they were going to get caught, and Christian complained that their games were indeed crashed. So far, guests haven’t talked much about targeting Alyssa and Christian due to their showmanship. The two seem quite isolated by their alliance, the Royal Flush, and the whole house is adamant about evicting the physical threat Brent Champagne this week. However, things could change in the coming weeks as the numbers dwindle and the other guests realize just how much power a show can wield in the house.

It will be interesting to see how the relationship between Christian and Alyssa develops. It could fade and have little impact on the game, but it could also lead to more power around the house. It looks like the pair are treading lightly right now, but they probably won’t be able to stay in the game for much longer.

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Eldest brother 2. 3 airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 pm ET on CBS.

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