Crime Scene Kitchen makes it clear that baking suggestions aren’t always obvious. Some hide under the noses of the bakers. Look at the hardest tracks from the first season.

The reality show Crime scene kitchen gets competitors and baking show fans on their thinking caps, and we’re here to talk about the show’s clues that were really hard for the bakers to crack. On the show, a mystery dessert can hold the key to $ 100,000. However, some clues in the kitchen were quite difficult last season. Viewers couldn’t blame the bakers for being stumped from time to time.

Most of the time, contestants have only two minutes to evaluate the cuisine. They put on the black gloves and have to go through everything from trash to calendars. Thanks to teams of two, and a few episodes of experience, they can cover a large amount of ground in no time. Thomas and Cathy became famous for spotting the Crime scene kitchen clues others missed, and some teams would follow suit.

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Some of the most difficult clues are the ones that are not obvious. The bakers learned in the first episode that they would have to check whether the ingredients were sealed or not, and not be afraid to do a taste test of what was left in the pots or mixing bowls.

The cup of coffee

Viewers can agree that this cup of coffee was utter nonsense and contributed to some epic flops. It might not sound like much, but this track sent several teams out of place during a challenge. Ironically, the cup had a pretty big clue that would have given the bakers a winner. Instead, no one from the bakery competition got the win or the clue for the masterpiece round.

Bakers have previously been told that if an item appears empty or unused, it is probably a red herring. That’s why various teams ignored the coffee cup or at least didn’t see how it would connect to the mango peels in the fruit peeler or the cream cheese in the trash. Rebecca and Jean had mistakenly thought they had to make a coffee cake.

Then the baking contest contestants discovered that they had to look at the name on the coffee cup. That, plus a book in the kitchen, revealed a list of people bringing items for a potluck. The person in question was making a cheesecake. Cory and Donte, in particular, were surprised by this, as their bakery specializes in cheesecake and the cream cheese in the trash was a smoking gun.

A revealing rule

Ken jeong

In some rounds, reality show bakers would successfully make the same dessert. So the victory of the round would come down to small details that could make or break your finished product. A rule was included, and some bakers assumed that it determined that the cake needed to be cut. Ken Jeong came over from his other FOX host duties to ask for some candy and got a hug from Joel McHale.

Everyone realized that they had to make opera cake, also known as tiramisu, in the semi-finals, for Ken Jeong’s favorite dessert. What everyone didn’t guess was the size, as a ruler ended up revealing that key clue. Rather than cutting the opera cake to size, it was meant to be a complete cake.

Expired cocoa powder

Kelly osbourne

In one case, a celebrity claimed to have a favorite dessert. Kelly Osbourne walked in gracefully and long before suffering an eye injury. He asked the bakers to make him his favorite British dessert.

Thomas and Cathy did the cake roll right, but the flavors were off. They saw the cherries, strawberries and raspberries. Thomas concluded (with an open and used can of cocoa powder) that they were making a Black Forest Roulade. His finished cake was beautiful, if a little messy in places, but they were out of place. The judges noted that the cocoa powder was opened and expired 30 years. You would find the real clues in the garbage can.

Cathy had a few select words on this track. She felt it was unfair, since most people don’t keep products at home for 30 years. Also, no one had warned the bakers that expired ingredients were a possibility. Thomas stared into the camera with fiery intensity. Some Crime scene kitchen viewers felt the same way.

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