Fans think that Darcey keeps dating problem guys who eventually hurt her. You are advised to date an older man who really wants to settle down.

Many Darcey and Stacey Viewers are confused why Darcey Silva is still with Georgi Rusev even though she doubts whether he loves her or not. Many 90 day fiancé Viewers may know that Darcey has made questionable decisions when it comes to choosing her partner. She first appeared in 90 day fiancé: before 90 days in 2017 with her boyfriend Jesse Meester, who lives in Amsterdam. The pair had an 18-year age difference and often had explosive fights on and off screen. Many fans were convinced that Jesse doesn’t love Darcey, and he’s probably using her to be on the show.

The couple eventually broke up after accusing each other of being dishonest and inauthentic. Soon, Darcey fell in love with British businessman Tom Brooks. At the time he was in his early 40s and looked a bit more mature than Jesse. Since Darcey and Tom were in a long distance relationship, they soon began to grow apart. Finally, they presented one of the most disgusting breakups in history. 90 day fiancé history. But Darcey did not lose hope and fell in love with Georgi, a native of Bulgaria.

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The couple got engaged in Darcey and Stacey season 2 and now they are planning to get married. However, it still seems that they are not made for each other. Just hours after getting engaged, Darcey asked Georgi questions about her past. Not wanting to answer him, he decided to leave. A fan thinks that Darcey is a good person and that she should find someone who doesn’t hurt her. The fan wrote (via Reddit), “If you found a normal boy who wasn’t a “model” and was half your age, you could probably be really happy.

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Georgi Rusev Darcey Silva: TLC: 90 Day Fiancé Darcey & Stacey

The fan thinks 46-year-old beauty Darcey should be with someone her age, probably has kids and a career. Someone who is willing to settle down and be happy. Another fan said: “I feel bad for Darcy. Clearly she has had something in her life that has left her completely insecure.“Someone else mentioned”I like Darcey, but I wish her heart would stop exploding.“Others think that Darcey doesn’t want to date an older man because her type is troublesome boy toys. Also, a sane, mature man wouldn’t want to date an”Derailed train” like her.

Still, it appears that Darcey is making rapid progress in her relationship with Georgi. Despite the couple having so many unsolved problems, they are eager to get married. Georgi is 33 years old and 13 years younger than him 90 day fiancé star Darcey Silva. It doesn’t seem like he really cares about her. She cried in front of him as he asked him if he loved her or not. He gave no answer and chose to remain silent. It was hard to watch Darcey beg for her love while keeping a stoic expression on her face. Hopefully, the next few episodes of Darcey and Stacey will feature an enhanced side of Darcey’s relationship.

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