Taking elements cut out of the first game and refining the best features of that game, Dead Space Remake plans to modernize the iconic gaming experience.

Survival Horror Title Dead space was a historical video game, which combined elements of resident Evil Y Silent Hill to become an acclaimed success. Regarded as one of the most iconic horror titles ever created, Dead space spawned several sequels and derivatives. Now, after nearly a decade away, the original Dead space It’s finally getting a modern remake that’s been rumored for a long time.

Taking elements cut from the first game and refining them into a masterpiece, Dead Space remake plans to modernize the iconic gaming experience. While it is still a long way from its release on modern consoles, a lot is still known about the revamped game.

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What is Dead Space Remake?

The game announcement was combined with a short trailer. Not much was shown outside of the beginnings of Dead Space remakeThe graphics engine, which has been vastly improved and even scarier than the original version of the game. The trailer featured creepy hallways and environments with dim, twinkling lights. This perfectly creates the haunting mood of the franchise, even without much being shown in the form of live action.

Since it is a remake of the original game, Dead Space remakeThe plot is expected to remain the same. The setting is the distant future of 2508, long after the Earth’s resources have been exhausted. Mankind’s survival began to depend on a new way of cultivating resources known as planet-cracking, which allows them to extract resources from another world and restore the human race. One of these planet-busting ships is the Ishimura, which has been illegally mining planets.

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Having received a distress call from the Ishimura, USG Kellion is dispatched to investigate. The ship’s engineer, Isaac Clarke, is one of the few survivors to scour the ruins of the Ishimura spacecraft to repair his own ship and escape. However, Ishimura’s remaining crew have been turned into Necromorphs, a change related to the mystery behind the objects known as Markers. With a custom weapon designed to cut limbs, Isaac must survive the attack and solve the mystery of Ishimura before everything is destroyed by an impending asteroid collision.

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What do we know about Dead Space Remake?

The game’s announcement had been rumored for a while, but it wasn’t until the EA Play presentation that it was confirmed. The title is not a mere remaster, but a full remake that rebuilds the game from the group using the Frostbite Engine. This means that the graphics, lighting, and textures will get a huge makeover, making the experience familiar and incredibly fresh. However, not much is known beyond that.

Game development is being handled by EA’s Motive Studios, who helped with Star Wars Battlefront II Y Star Wars Squads. The game will not have microtransactions, which were a controversial item in Dead space 3. However, the remake will incorporate concepts that were cut from the original game and will incorporate some features and elements that were developed in Dead space 2.

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Release date

Sadly, the game does not have an official release date yet as it is still in early development and its official announcement is likely to put an end to the rumors ruining its existence. However, it is intended to be released on Xbox Series X / S, PC, and PlayStation 5, so it is only being developed with the most modern consoles and systems in mind.

With no release date announced and no indication of how far along the title is, one can only speculate. 2022 seems likely, but it could always be later. Fans will have to wait for the next wave of announcements from EA to find out when they can battle the Necromorphs once again.

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