Icarus Studios and Marc Ecko Entertainment once joined forces to create an iOS game based on the first season of Dexter, which is sadly no longer available.

The popularity of the hit Showtime series Right handed it’s been long overdue after the final episode. Inspired by a series of books by Jeff Lindsay, the Right handed The franchise resonated with audiences in the most unexpected way. After the misadventures of Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter analyst by day and a serial killer by night, it often felt acceptable to support Dexter because he wasn’t just a serial killer. He was a vigilante who used the resources of his police department to track down violent criminals who escaped justice.

In 2010, Icarus Studios and Marc Ecko Entertainment released Dexter: the game for iOS devices, with a later version for PC. With cases drawn directly from the critically acclaimed series’ first season, viewers familiar with the show could immerse themselves in familiar characters and cases and help Dexter balance the two sides of his incredibly complicated life.

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Dexter Morgan investigates a suspect in Dexter: The Game for iOS

It doesn’t sound like much, but you have to remember that mobile games in 2010 were mainly titles like Angry birds. For the moment, Right handed it was a really awesome game. With voice work done by Michael C. Hall and several other cast members, the players were plunged into the midst of Dexter’s first death when he confirmed that choir leader Mike Donovan was killing the children in the choir. After setting up his murder room, Dexter snuck up behind the choirmaster and strangled him before placing him in the murder room and exposing him to the evidence of his crimes. The deaths are carried out through pattern-matching minigames, and finding evidence implicating Dexter’s victims was a crucial game mechanic, but it was also about maintaining Dexter’s dual life.

Maintaining his facade has never been easy for Dexter, and players had the opportunity to interact not only with the targets of the murders, but also with the people in their personal and professional lives, combining police procedures with the Dexter murders. The way Dexter responded to his own deaths helped shape his personality, and the way he presented himself to the people around him was imperative to maintaining that facade. For example, if he enjoyed assassinations and displayed particularly malicious behavior, he found it more difficult to keep the personality of the mild-mannered blood spatter analyst at bay because the Dark Passenger gained more power. Anyone who has seen the series knows that Harry’s Code was designed to prevent Dexter from being caught, and an important part of that code was keeping the Dark Passenger carefully protected with that mask of mild, unassuming manners that helped him fit in. the society. As part of that balance, the game itself worked hard to balance Dexter’s everyday life, providing numerous hours of gameplay as he attended to his cases, interacted with NPCs, gathered evidence, and spent time in his apartment.

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Dexter: The Game, Batista, Masuka and Dexter

Right handed was received well enough to spawn a sequel. Plans to release the game on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 were eventually announced, but those releases never materialized. Eleven years have passed since the game’s release and almost eight years since the final episode aired on Showtime. With the limited-run revival coming in November 2021, fans are likely to start watching again as a new generation of viewers is catching up in time to tune in. Unfortunately, this first Right handed play will not be part of that journey; the title is removed from the list on iOS, and the PC version was only physically released and has not been printed in a long time.

Given the positive reviews the game received, maybe it’s time for a remastering and release, not just for iOS and Android, but for next-gen consoles as well. Perhaps someone could launch a completely new game following the same pattern and exploring the series in general in more depth. Either way, with Right handedUpon his return, there will almost certainly be a spike in the character’s popularity.

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