A daring Fortnite gamer has used the recently added Ferrari 296 GTB sports car, along with a large ramp, to fly across the entire game map.

Unstoppable horsepower and skillful steering have enabled a Fortnite player to fly a Ferrari across the entire game map. Epic Games’ battle royale shooter has become known for its frequent crossovers with other video game, movie and television franchises. In the game’s newest and most unpredictable crossover, Fortnite has collaborated with the sports car Ferrari 296 GTB. As the first licensed vehicle available in the game, the bright red Ferrari is an exciting prospect for any fan of speed.

The powerful high-performance vehicle is infrequently spawned all over the world from Fortnite, which means players must hunt it down if they want to jump in and experience the power of Ferrari. The car can be found quite reliably at Believer Beach and Lazy Lake. But fans of speed should be careful, as rival players will surely be looking for the newly added Ferrari as well, so carrying weapons is recommended. One time Fortnite Players are at the wheel of a Ferrari 296 GTB that can complete a series of challenging Ferrari 296 GTB time trials to gain a wealth of experience.

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Reddit User Arceus_191 I recently used a Ferrari 296 GTB to complete a death defying flight in the entirety of Fortnitemap of. The daring gamer used a massive ramp to gain speed and height, and once in the air, Ferrari’s powerplant allowed them to maintain their impressive altitude. Interestingly, the thruster continued to run even after the sports car ran out of gas, so the flight was stopped only when Arceus_191 hit the barrier at the edge of the world.

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Ferrari may be the first licensed car in FortniteBut the game has gone through other crossovers with movies, TV shows, and video games. FortniteThe latest collaboration acts as a crossover with the recently released movie M. Night Shyamalan. Old. The crossover comes in the form of a creatively new map that follows the movie’s premise by placing players on an island that ages them rapidly. Players are tasked with collecting resources to escape the island, and a time limit counts down to a sudden death from old age.

FortniteThe collaboration with Ferrari has added a high-speed vehicle to the game’s already vast repertoire of fun tools and weapons. With a polished red paint job and a rocket-powered engine, the Ferrari 296 GTB allows gamers to hit some seriously ridiculous speeds as they race through the world of Fortnite. Now, thanks to Arceus_191, it is likely that many players will also use the mighty vehicle to fly through the skies.

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Fortnite it is available on all platforms.

Source: Arceus_191 / Reddit

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