One of Old’s characters is killed in a haunting bone-breaking sequence, which shares a connection to Mr. Glass’s condition from Unbreakable.

M. Night Shyamalan Old features several terrifying death scenes, the most haunting of which connects to Mr. Glass from his own movies, Unbreakable Y Glass. Old (2021) follows several groups of people on vacation at a hotel who are taken by staff to a secret and remote beach that they soon discover has supernatural powers. Suddenly, each character ages rapidly as they feel the effects of their own illnesses that took each family on vacation in the first place, reducing their normal life expectancy to one day.

As the characters of Old As they begin to die, the deaths become more unsettling as some of their pre-existing physical ailments are drastically affected by rapid aging. Aside from two characters who drown, one who falls to their death, another who dies just seconds after birth, and one’s blood is poisoned by rust, the most harrowing death of all turns out to be the most terrifying moment of horror. in Old. Said death occurs when Chrystal, who has a calcium deficiency, has gone insane from her rapid aging and chases Trent and Maddox through the cave, breaking all of their bones into a twisted, pretzel-like shape before dying.

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Chrystal’s death scene is especially haunting with the way her bones twist and make her look like a misshapen spider-shaped woman, the dark light in a cave, the makeup smeared across her face, and her delusional chatter as she chases to the two youngest Old characters, but the actual fragility of her bones that led to her death shares a connection with UnbreakableThe villain, Mr. Glass. At Shyamalan’s Unbreakable series, Elijah “Mr. Glass ”Price is a man who was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, a rare disease that makes his bones extremely fragile and break easily. Mr. Glass’s condition is similar to Chrystal’s hypocalcemic calcium deficiency, which accelerated her osteoporosis and caused her bones to break more easily.

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Abbey Lee as Chrystal in Old

For most of Old, Chrystal’s calcium deficiency is not noticeable. She takes precautions for proper posture to avoid slouching as she ages and makes sure to consume calcium-rich foods and drinks, leading to her main problem at the beach. As rapid aging takes effect on OldIn adulthood, wrinkles, memory loss, and vision and hearing problems appear, but Chrystal’s disease has increased side effects very quickly, causing her osteoporosis to contort her bones. While Mr. Glass simply has to be cautious about putting himself in situations that could possibly harm him, he has time to heal if that happens. Chrystal, on the other hand, would break her bones again immediately after passing from the pain of another fracture, and the bones instantly healed in contorted positions.

For both Chrystal and Mr. Glass, their bone diseases would end up causing their eventual deaths. Chrystal would be sped up by each bone being broken in succession, while Mr. Glass would see her demise afterward. Pull apartThe Beast mortally wounded him, breaking all his bones. Shyamalan faces various illnesses throughout his films, including mental and supernatural abilities that can serve as powers or weaknesses for his characters. In Old, M. Night Shyamalan uses all of the characters’ illnesses as his weakness, as they quickly transgress, which is what also happens to Mr. Glass, only at a much longer rate.

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