From Netflix Jupiter’s legacy It only aired for one season, but it still managed to introduce many captivating characters to the audience. Most of them were superheroes with incredible powers and dynamic personalities. Comic book movie fans may be familiar with their powers as they are similar to some of the more established Marvel superheroes.

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Despite the different stories of the Jupiter’s legacy Marvel heroes and characters have many things in common, from their similar powers and character traits to the role they play in their respective stories and the way they interact with other heroes.

8 The Utopian – Captain America

Jupiter's Legacy Utopian and Captain America in the MCU

The similarity between the two heroes seems obvious. Both are icons that were born in the early 20th century. Steve Rogers was born in 1918 and Sheldon Sampson is even older, already an adult in the late 1920s. Also, both men are team leaders and are highly respected by the general public.

They also have conflicts with the members of their respective teams, as they may be too stubborn and believe that their opinion is the only correct one. Just as Sheldon argues with his sons about the use of deadly force, Steve Rogers clashes with Tony Stark because the actions of the Avengers are regulated by the government.

7 Paragon – Spider-Man

Jupiter's Legacy Paragon and Spider-Man from MCU

Despite their age difference, the two young superheroes have many things in common. In particular, they have yet to master their powers and both are in the shadow of an older, more established superhero.

Peter tries his best to impress his mentor Tony Stark and become one of the Avengers, although he doesn’t always agree with the playboy. As for Brandon, he respects his father very much and wants to be like him. However, Brandon argues with his father as Sheldon has a different approach when it comes to killing his opponents and doesn’t think his son is ready to be the next utopian.

6 Brain Wave – Professor X

Jupiter's legacy brainwave and Professor X in X-Men

The main similarity between the two superheroes is that they have the same powers and are extremely powerful. Both Walter Sampson and Charles Xavier have the power of telepathy, which they can use to influence other people’s minds.

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What also connects the two telepaths is that they are practical and hospitable people by nature. Xavier runs his school for mutants who would otherwise have nowhere to go and Walter Sampson runs his family business while his brother Sheldon is too busy mourning his recently deceased father.

5 Lady Liberty – Black Widow

The legacy of Jupiter, Lady Liberty and Black Widow in the MCU

Despite their different sets of powers, Grace and Natasha share more similarities than differences. For example, they were initially the only women on their superhero teams and had to prove themselves to their male peers.

They are also older than their youthful appearance might suggest. In the comics, Natasha was given another version of the super soldier serum, so she slowly ages. This is also true for Grace, who was born sometime in the early 20th century and is still alive and well in the present. Both women can also be strict but they have a sense of humor and are kind to their loved ones.

4 Chloe Sampson as Jessica Jones

Marvel's Jupiter Legacy Chloe Sampson and Jessica Jones

Again, the similarity isn’t apparent at first glance, but it becomes clear once fans think about it. In the comics, Jessica used to be an optimistic young woman, excited about her powers and ready to save the world. All of that changed when the Purple Man took advantage of her and caused her to become bitter and distant. When the audience meets Chloe, she is equally bitter and distances herself from her family and her superhero way of life. Like Jessica, Chloe was much more open to the idea of ​​being a superhero and was also a kinder and sweeter person before her Uncle Walter tried to murder her and her mother.

3 Skyfox – Iron Man

Legacy Skyfox from Jupiter and Iron Man from MCU

Even though they ended up on the opposite side of the law and probably wouldn’t get along, their backstory is eerily similar. George Hutchence was a wealthy man as he inherited millions from his parents and was also a playboy. Tony Stark used to be a rich playboy with billions of dollars at his disposal.

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More importantly, both George and Tony excelled at building different gadgets and useful tools for combat. Both men used these devices not only for personal gain, but also supplied weapons and technology to their respective teams. Skyfox is the dark example of who Tony Stark could have become if he stopped listening to his conscience and the people around him.

2 Blue Ray – Doctor Strange

Jupiter's Legacy Blue Bolt and MCU's Doctor Strange

Various characters from the Marvel Universe have magical powers and wield unique artifacts. Other than the Scarlet Witch, none are as prominent or powerful as Doctor Strange. What connects him and Blue Bolt is that they are both smart enough to use special tools to aid them in their superhero activity.

For Blue Bolt, it is his power bar that allows him to transport anywhere he thinks, an artifact that later went to his son. And all Doctor Strange fans will know that he uses multiple totems, like his levitant cape on Avengers: infinity war (2018) when the Supreme Sorcerer faces the army of Thanos and the Eye of Agamotto that houses the Stone of Time.

1 Blackstar – Thanos

Blackstar from Jupiter Legacy and Thanos from MCU

Every superhero story needs a suitable villain, and in Jupiter’s legacyBlackstar is the first major opponent the heroes encounter. Unlike many villains, he actually succeeded in managing to destroy an entire species and nearly killed superheroes as well, instantly making Blackstar one of the less likable characters.

That connects him to Thanos, who also killed thousands of aliens and managed to wipe out half of all life in the universe. Another thing that creates a similarity between them is their unusual strength and size – both villains tend to outcompete their opponents.

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