In Kuroko’s basketball, many of the players who enter the court possess incredible strength and skill. Whether they’re defensive stuntmen, shooting aces, or savvy point guard, there are many talented players who contribute to the success of your team.

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However, there are some players who distinguish themselves as the strongest players in the anime due to their strength and skill. Not considering team Jabberwock players, who appear only in Kuroko’s basketball: last game, these are the strongest players in Kuroko’s basketball.

10 Makoto Hanamiya’s basketball IQ is staggering

Makoto Hanamiya planning his strategy in Kuroko's basketball

In all sports anime, there is always a dirty player that fans can root against. Makoto Hanamiya, known as “The Bad Boy” of the Crownless Kings, is possibly the dirtiest player in Kuroko’s basketball. He tries to hurt other players on purpose and instructs his teammates to do the same, but despite his rogue tactics, he is also an elite point guard.

With an IQ of 160, Hanamiya’s dominance in the game of basketball is second to none. In addition to serving as the captain of the Kirisaki Daichi High team, he is also the coach, which is a testament to his tactical prowess. Hanamiya is an expert at stealing the ball and her Teardrop Shot is excellent for overcoming tough defenses.

9 Teppei Kiyoshi can do a little bit of everything

Kiyoshi vs. Kagami in Kuroko's basketball

Teppei Kiyoshi was known as the “Heart of Iron” of the Crownless Kings and it’s easy to see why. While Kiyoshi isn’t elite at all, he’s a well-rounded player who can do a little bit of everything. He is Seirin High’s best defender and can facilitate offense, bounce at a high level, and score in multiple ways.

Although he is too small to be a center, his big hands and excellent timing allow him to rebound and defend, as well as players much bigger than him. If it weren’t for the multiple injuries he’s sustained that rob him of stamina and strength, Kiyoshi could grow to the level of the Generation of Miracles.

8 Shogo Haizaki can steal other players’ abilities

Haizaki and Kise one on one in Kuroko's basketball

Shogo Haizaki, former head of Teiko Junior High before being replaced by Kise, is the current ace of Fukuda Sogo Academy. Haizaki is an overall strong player with above-average physical abilities. However, what really sets him apart is his ability to steal other players’ basketball skills.

Using his Plunder skill, Haizaki can not only copy another player’s moves, by slightly changing the pace and tempo of a move, he can make his opponent unable to use his skills. The only downside is that it cannot copy the abilities of the Generation of Miracles, which limits its potential.

7 Tatsuya Himuro is a prodigy behind the generation of miracles

Himuro with Murasakibara in Kuroko's Basketball

Tatsuya Himuro grew up with Kagami in the United States and taught her to play basketball. He is currently the guard for Yosen High and the second ace of the team alongside Murasakibara. While he cannot enter the Zone or compete at the Generation of Miracles level, he is still one of the most polished players in the series.

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Himuro can fake rival players like a pro, and even elite players like Aomine and Kagami fall for his deceptions. In addition to his quick reflexes and agility, his Mirage Shot is one of the most ridiculously complex and strong abilities in anime, as he uses a double-shot move to confuse his opponents.

6 Shintaro Midorima has a perfect shooting form

Midorima pulling up for a jump on Kuroko's basketball

One thing the anime is right about the sport is that shooting is the most important skill in basketball. Shintaro Midorima of Shutoku High is the former vice-captain of the Generation of Miracles and easily the best marksman in Kuroko’s basketball. With his perfect shooting form, Midorima’s ability to make every shot attempt unopposed makes him an elite basketball player.

In addition to her superhuman shooting ability, Midorima also possesses other exceptional abilities. Thanks to his height and speed, he is capable of defending at a high level, such as when he blocked Kagami’s first dunk attempt during their match at the Inter-High tournament. With his ability to knock down half the court and contested shots with ease, Midorima is one of the most efficient scorers.

5 Atsushi Murasakibara is the most physically dominant player

Murasakibara gets serious about Kuroko's basketball

The most gifted member of the Generation of Miracles, Atsushi Murasakibara stands over 6 feet 10 inches tall and possesses incredible reflexes and speed for someone his size. He’s an elite rebounder and scorer, but the most developed element of his game is his defense. With his height and strength, he practically prevents opponents from reaching the basket.

The only thing stopping Murasakibara from getting better is his lazy personality. When forced to try his best, he is able to enter the Zone for limited periods of time, but is otherwise quite listless. However, despite his insistence that he will quit and doesn’t care about basketball, the fact that he cries after losing to Seirin in the Winter Cup indicates otherwise.

4 Taiga Kagami’s athleticism is unmatched

Kagami diving into Murasakibara in Kuroko's Basketball

Taiga Kagami is the ace of Seirin High and the supporting protagonist of Kuroko’s basketball. Kagami is one of the most athletic talented players in the series. Said to be equal to the Generation of Miracles, Kagami possesses incredible reflexes, speed, and power along with above-average ball handling skills and basketball IQ.

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When Kagami enters the Zone she becomes almost unstoppable, as she relies on animal instinct to make split-second decisions. His unique jumping ability allows him to jump over even the tallest defenders to reach the basket and also allows him to effectively defend players who are taller than him. While he is not as technically gifted as others, as long as he can stay healthy, his athleticism and passion ensure that he can take on any opponent.

3 Ryota Kise has the most potential

Kise using Perfect Copy in Kuroko's Basketball

Although still relatively new to basketball, Ryota Kise is already one of the strongest players in Japan. While physically strong and fast, Kise’s greatest strength is his ability to copy the movements of other players. With this, he can copy the abilities of any player, from Aomine’s crosses and forgeries to Midorima’s perfect shooting form.

Unlike Haizaki, the Perfect Copy of Kise works in the Generation of Miracles, which means that its ceiling is technically limitless. Your only limits are your stamina and inexperience, as Perfect Copy requires a great deal of energy. This quirky anime skill is heavily mastered and guarantees that Kise could certainly become the strongest player in Japan.

2 Daiki Aomine is the most skilled player

Aomine in Kuroko's Basketball Zone

Former Ace of the Generation of Miracles and Kuroko’s “light”, Daiki Aomine is gifted with the greatest combination of skill and athleticism among all players of Kuroko’s basketball. Although he has never practiced or received formal basketball training, Aomine is considered a monster on the court due to his speed, power, ability to handle the ball, and unconventional form.

Aomine’s greatest weakness is his selfish playstyle and relatively low stamina. He is an isolated style player, but when challenged by someone worthy, he can enter the Zone and has even shown a willingness to pass on to his teammates. With practice and dedication, given his natural talent, he could become the most unstoppable player on the court.

1 Seijuro Akashi is the perfect base

Akashi in Kuroko's Basketball Zone

Former Generation of Miracles captain and current Rakuzan High captain Seijuro Akashi is the strongest basketball player in Kuroko’s basketball. Despite his relatively small stature, he is the best player in Kuroko’s Basketball thanks to his combination of leadership skills, basketball IQ, passing ability and ball handling skills.

With his Emperor Eye ability, Akashi can detect the smallest movements of his opponent that he uses to predict their movements and throw them off balance. By reading your opponent’s intentions, you can orchestrate your teammates on offense or defense to make the right play, allowing you almost complete control over the game. This ability, coupled with his deft passing and amazing ball handling, allows him to easily score and disrupt his opponent’s offense with timely steals and well-organized defensive schemes, which together make him the strongest player in the world. Kuroko’s basketball.

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