The Netflix trailer Love is blind: after the altar The special finally landed after a brief preview earlier this month. This extension of the hit reality series of season 1 will see the couples of Love is blind meet more than two years after the show’s weddings were filmed. Two couples got married during the social experiment – Lauren Speed Y Cameron hamilton Y Amber pike Y Matt barnett – both will appear in the meeting. In the official trailer of After the altar, we see that most of the other contestants appear as well, including Giannina gibelli, Jessica batten, Damian Powers, Diamond jack, Lauren “LC” Chamblin, Y Carlton morton. A main cast member who is mentioned but not featured is Mark Cuevas.

It seems that things have not calmed down two years later, as the romance still rages between Speed ​​and Hamilton and Pike and Barnett as both couples argue about having children in the trailer. We were gifted with some shots of couples and singles in their everyday lives and at a massive reunion party where everyone gets together. It looks like the party will host a lot of drama, as Batten approaches Barnett with a gift, and the latter immediately walks away from her. The duo originally fell in love with each other in the pods, but Barnett eventually found love with Pike, effectively crushing Batten. She fell in love with Cuevas, but that relationship fell apart faster than the Titanic.


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Batten also tells some of the women in the cast that Cuevas had cheated on her after the series, and it looks like we’re finally getting a little more clarity on those rumors that have been traveling on social media for the past two years. There is also some drama between Gibelli and Powers, who were about to get married, but things came to a halt at the last minute. After filming, the two resumed their relationship, but Powers is rumored to have started dating his fellow Netflix star. Francesca Farago from season 1 of Too hot to handle. Farago even makes an appearance in the After the altar reunion, prompting Gibelli to say he’s “on the wrong Netflix show.”

Jack and Morton are still getting into this after having one of Love is blind bigger blowouts. Viewers will recall that Morton confessed to his fiancé that he was bisexual after they got engaged, something Jack couldn’t handle at the time, as she felt it was something she should have known before agreeing to a proposal. We’ll finally find out where those two are today.

Love is blind: after the altar comes out on Netflix on July 28. The special will consist of three 45-minute episodes. Check out the drama-packed trailer below!

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