We all know that the road to almost every movie is littered with alternate versions and other possibilities. In another universe Will Smith was the leader in Matrix, Tom cruise It was Iron Man, Joaquin phoenix It was Strange doctor, Y Stanley kubrick made its Napoleon movie. As someone who grew up loving the Marvel comic. What if….?It’s always fun to think about what might have happened.

Which leads us to Indiana Jones Y M. Night Shyamalan.

If you don’t know, many years ago, after the massive success of The sixth Sense, Shyamalan met with Steven Spielberg and the other key players on writing the room Indiana Jones movie. This was obviously many years before. George Lucas, Harrison ford, and Spielberg decided to do Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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As a Hollywood student and what might have been, I have always been curious about what happened and if Shyamalan ever took pen on paper. So when I recently sat down with Shyamalan for an extended interview for his new movie, Old, I decided to ask him about Indiana Jones and what really happened.

COLLIDER: I think, many years ago, he met with Spielberg to write a fourth Indiana Jones movie. Did you ever come up with your MacGuffin and the idea, or was it more of a basic meeting?

M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN: Oh my God. I mean, it was fantastic. Obviously, Raiders of the lost ark It’s my all-time favorite movie, so it was a dream, that I was asked when I was a kid to go see a movie in a theater and then that person asked me to write one of those in the future. I could pass out right then. It was incredible. I have my notebooks; I still have them with all my ideas for that movie. I had a take. I spoke to everyone involved and it was so fledgling at the time, that movie. Everyone hadn’t entered a room yet. Ideas were bouncing me. So everyone had different ideas about what to do. When you say that, I have in my head, it is a green notebook, and I had this idea. It was a darker idea.

All Indiana Jones movies have the MacGuffin, so have you thought about what that was yet?

SHYAMALAN: I did, I did, yes. I have A IDEA. He hadn’t told her or anything like that, but he had an idea.

While I know it’s a long shot that we’ll ever get to see her green notebook filled with her ideas, I hope one day she posts them on her Instagram and we can all imagine the possibilities.

Look for much more in my extended interview with Shyamalan later this week.

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