Phantasy Star Online 2 has an extremely versatile class system in which all classes can be paired and adapted to suit your personal play style, even if it is a niche. There are some great combinations, but not all of them work well together, and some I wouldn’t expect. If you are looking for the the best combination for your main class or just something cool that works, here are some suggestions.

One thing you need to do before choosing a subclass is to get its subclass license. Like most things, Cofy can help you with that once you’ve reached level 20. She will give you a simple quest to defeat two enemies and (upon your triumphant return) you will unlock the ability to sub-classify.

Note: Updated July 26, 2021 to add two more subclasses, Phantom and Etoile.

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With only two purely melee classes in the game currently, it makes sense that Fighter is the best subclass for Hunter. Fighter increases damage, completing Hunter for solo missions while able to withstand damage from other classes on urgent missions. If you are looking for something a little less obvious, try pairing it with Summoner. You won’t get the same damage output, but you will have the ability to use Techs. The summoner can also further increase a hunter’s defense, making the main one even more difficult. It’s a fun niche option that works best with partisans for casting.

Hunter, himself as a subclass, lends his survival abilities to any main class and can match damage for classes with abilities that require certain criteria for constant damage. It is the most common subclass you will encounter.


As above, the best subclass for a Fighter is Hunter. Hunter Stances further increase a fighter’s damage, and the Hunter’s overall tank ability allows him to live longer when risking it all for those large damage numbers. If you want to get the most out of your melee character, Fi / Hu is the best setting. For something off-brand, you can try Gunner as a subclass. It sounds strange to take a ranged subclass, but it does have some abilities that can help with PP recovery, air strikes, and even grant the ability to increase damage through combos.

Fighter is another common subclass, as it offers a huge damage boost to any main class and can make the damage more versatile with its stances.

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The two best subclass options for Ranger are Hunter or Fighter. Hunter is the easiest way as it gives the Rangers the necessary durability while firing. Fighter will turn your Ranger into a glass cannon. With Fighter’s damage abilities, you can take down almost anything, but anything can also take you down if you’re not careful. If you want something more creative, try pairing him up with Summoner to earn Techs or synergize your ranged abilities with Braver. Braver acts like a weaker version of Fighter, but they won’t take you down that easily. As a subclass, the Rangers don’t offer much to non-ranged playstyles, as that is what their abilities focus on.


The best subclasses for Gunner are Fighter or Hunter. When combined with Fighter, Gunner has the highest damage output in PSO2. Gunner mobility is important with this build as they have the best dodge and can still attack while rolling. Hunter doesn’t offer as much attack as Fighter, but it does add more durability. Ranger is also a good option due to its ranged abilities and provides some utility options that Gunner does not have. And if you want a magical cowboy (or girl), the Summoner is your choice. As a subclass, Gunner doesn’t offer too many useful abilities. However, you may be able to find a specific use for it.


The best subclass for Techter, like most, is Fighter or Hunter. Fighter will allow you to attack enemies with your wand while increasing your technology and photon fury. Hunter will provide even more durability as you upgrade and heal, making a Techter nearly impossible to kill. If you don’t want a melee subclass, Summoner is an option almost on par with Hunter. For something different, try Braver. Grab a katana of all kinds to activate Photonic Fury faster and throw with it too. Techter can satisfy your hybrid mage craving by providing enhancement abilities and some offensive tech, but it doesn’t offer much else.

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The best subclasses for Braver are Hunter and Ranger, although Fighter is also suitable. If you love your bow, Ranger provides abilities to increase ranged damage. However, skill conditions can make it difficult to use. For katanas, Fighter is the best option as it can maximize melee attacks. Hunter is, once again, the most complete option, as it provides damage and survivability. To throw Techs with the correct bow or katana, try Summoner or Techter to make it a game of all kinds. There are better options than Braver for subclasses. It has a general damage boost ability, but you can get more out of Fighter unless you want to play it safe.


Since it is based on pet damage, most classes don’t offer much for summoners, but Fighter is the best subclass. If you are just learning how to play Summoner, Braver is another good option. Your damage won’t be that great, so once you’re comfortable, you’ll probably want to switch. Summoner is a good subclass alternative to Hunter or for those who want to use Techs, but it doesn’t provide the same damage increases.

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Helga, a ghost character from PSO2

One of the best successor classes, Phantom pairs well with some main classes. It has some incredible evasive abilities, high damage even as a subclass, and allows for a faster throw and with a Katana. Phantom opens up some new playstyles if you’re sorting backwards (using the subclass weapon and relying on its abilities rather than the main class). It pairs best with Force or Braver, but is great with most of the main melee and casting classes.


A medium attack from Etoile

While it may seem like a throwing class at first, Etoile actually improves through attack combos and is very defensive, making it an interesting support successor class. As a subclass, it deals great damage, can take hits, and keep moving. Etoile is best paired with Fighter, Bow Braver, Ranger, and Hunter due to its high attack or class abilities and how Etoile improves them overall.

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