Bailee Madison is set to join a new generation of Little Liars after being cast in the new HBO Max series, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin.

Bailee Madison is set to join a new generation of Little Liars after being cast in the new HBO movie Max. Pretty little liars: original sin. The last pretty Little Liars The spin-off received a direct serial order in September 2020 and is loosely based on the main series, which concluded in 2017. Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin It exists in the same universe as the original series, but in a working-class town far from Rosewood with a new cast and a new raider out for revenge. The series follows another group of young girls, this time paying for the sins committed by their parents twenty years earlier.

Variety announced that Bailee Madison will join the cast of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin as a little liar named Imogen, a character described as a final child and a true survivor. Imogen will guide her friends to discover their mutual tormentor, “A”, as she fights for her life. Original Without is set to be a darker iteration of the original series, tinged with horror and lots of drama.

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The series it was announced last September with a video message from “A” posted on the official site pretty Little Liars social media. However, the spin-off is not the first in the series. The first spin-off, Ravenswood, was canceled after one season and the second spin-off, The perfectionistsIt also did not exceed the first year. The previous two spinoffs attempted to take characters from the original series, placing them in new locations with new problems. However, despite the fact that a full cast list of Original Without Has yet to be announced, it looks like the series could be different enough to appeal to a new audience. Hopefully Madison’s name will be recognizable enough from her previous work on The fosters Y Good witch to bring the fans back to the Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin universe for a new round of mystery and keeping secrets.

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