This August, Image Comics will digitally release a series of works owned by critically acclaimed writer Kurt Busiek’s creator, including Astro City.

This august Image Comics will launch acclaimed writer By Kurt Busiek Creator-owned projects in new digital editions. In addition to extensive work for Marvel and DC, Busiek has an extensive body of creator-owned work, spanning various genres, and as of August 4, these books will be available digitally on Comixology, followed by Apple Books and Google Play in one. later date. date.

Kurt Busiek has been writing comics since the early 1980s and achieved superstar status in 1993. Wonders With art completely painted by Alex Ross, Wonders it was unlike anything that was published at the time and a name was made for both creators. Busiek would go on with notable careers in Spiderman and the Avengers for Marvel, Aquaman in DC, and Conan the barbarian in Dark Horse. While he was breaking new ground at Marvel and DC, he worked with some of the best comic book artists on creator-owned projects that were beyond the reach of the Big Two. Some of this work has been out of print for a while, but thanks to Image Comics, fans who want to read these titles will now be able to access them.

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Image Comics sent a press release detailing the titles. The first one is Astro City, a book that, according to some, is the true masterpiece of Busiek. A layered and nuanced take on the superhero genre, Astro city won multiple industry awards. Other books include the fantasy series. Arrowsmith Y The magician’s tale; science fiction Shock rockets; Y Superstar: as seen on TV, the story of a superhero whose power levels depend on his popularity. Busiek collaborated with top-notch artists for these projects, including Ross (who assisted in the designs of Astro City), Carlos Pacheco, David Thorn Wenzel, Stuart Immonen and Wade Von Grawbadger. Many of these books were initially published by WildStorm, which was once part of Image before it was acquired by DC.

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Astro City, Kurt Busiek

Arrowsmith, Kurt Busiek

Superstar, Kurt Busiek

The Magi Tale, Kurt Busiek

Busiek’s body of work in the superhero genre, in books like WondersIt might cement its reputation on its own, but these amazing titles are complemented by an equally astonishing body of creator-owned work. What’s really impressive is that Busiek has a range – these books come from various genres, such as fantasy dyeing Arrowsmith to the sci-fi adventure of Shock rockets and then back to superheroes with Superstar Y Astro city. Busiek is “excited” to have these works reprinted, citing reader demand. Also, Busiek scoffed new Projects were also coming, but they did not give more details.

“I am delighted to consolidate my creator-owned books into Image,” Busiek said in the Image announcement. ‚ÄúReaders have been asking us to make these stories available again, so we’re happy to finally have them all together and in great company with the rest of the Image line. This too is just the beginning; There will also be new material, but that will be another announcement for another day. “

This August, fans who want to dive into By Kurt Busiek The titles owned by the creator will finally be able to do so thanks to the new digital editions from Image Comics, and it’s also the perfect opportunity for longtime fans to revisit their favorite characters and worlds.

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Source: Image Comics

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