Robin Williams was supposed to be ‘Howard the Duck’, but resigned after three days

It is inconceivable now that any Marvel movie could end up being a box office bomb, but if we go back to 1986, we will find not only the movie that introduced the Marvel movies to the big screen, but it almost wipes out any possibility of any. another Marvel. movies being remade. I’m talking of course about Howard the Duck, the now cult classic that was one of the biggest box office flops of all time. A little-known fact about the film recently discussed by Chip Zien, the actor who voiced Howard in the film, is how Robin Williams was originally cast as the feathered hero, but resigned after just three days.

Chip View provided the voice of Howard in the film and recalled with The Hollywood Reporter how he came to take on the role. “She asked me if I was considering auditioning because I sound a bit like a duck,” the actor said. “I was a little offended. I was upset. And I told my agent. He said, ‘OMG! Did anyone come to talk to you about Howard the Duck? Chip, he’s huge! This is a great thing! Call right away! And then I realized that everyone was auditioning, from big names to people like me. “

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The late Robin williams He was originally intended to be Howard’s voice, but since the character was in part an animatronic puppet, Williams quickly became frustrated at the timing of his voice. Williams was a one-of-a-kind actor, improvising at will, speaking at a pace that many could never follow, and therefore completely inappropriate in making the role work. The early animatronic effects just weren’t that advanced, and Williams wasn’t someone who could contain himself simply to read a script. Williams resigned within the first week of filming, and that’s when Zien got a call.

He recalled: “What they told me was that on the third day, Robin said, ‘I can’t do this. It’s crazy. I can’t understand the rhythm of this. I’m locked up. They handcuff me in order.’ To match the peak. Then, on Memorial Day in 1985, I got a call from my agent who said, “You have to go straight to the airport! Robin Williams just resigned and now you are Howard the Duck. You must get there tonight. There is a ticket waiting for you at the counter. I was incredibly excited. “

Quite appropriately, the idea of ​​Robin Williams voicing the character and what that might have brought to the film is something that will have fans wondering. What if…? While we’re about to see Howard’s current iteration appear in Marvel’s new animated series, we can only imagine what it might have been like if Howard the Duck It had been around 20 years later and Williams’s enthusiastic voice could have adapted to the technology. It would have deprived 1986 movie lovers of the movie that exists today, but it could also have given us so much more. This news originated in The Hollywood Reporter.

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