Resident Evil director Shinji Mikami told Dead Space director Glen Schofield that he had “something special” in the 2009 survival horror game.

Shinji Mikami, the director of the original. Resident Evil, was one of the first fans of Dead space, according to Glen Schofield, game director.

The information comes from an interview between Schofield and GamesRadar’s Edge Magazine, where Schofield discussed how Dead space it was thoroughly tested prior to its 2008 release. Mikami was one of the people who brought in to test the game. “I remember showing it to Mikami,” Schofield said. “EA always had people who came from different game studios. In the end, he bowed. We showed him a level, he bowed to me and said, through an interpreter, ‘You have something special.'”

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“And he was so proud,” Schofield continued. “I was like, ‘Wow, maybe we have something great here, I don’t know.’ You never know. You never know when you create a game what you really have before it’s released. ” Dead space It would go on to be a commercial and critical success, garnering high praise from journalists and critics upon its release. Reached 10th in Game Sales in North America; the only new property to reach the top 10 and the only Electronic Arts title in the grouping.

There were two sequels, Dead space 2 Y Dead space 3, launched in 2011 and 2013, respectively. Dead space 3 He is frequently blamed for killing the franchise, which was discontinued after the closure of Visceral Games, the studio responsible for the original trilogy. However, a remake of the original was recently announced at EA Play Live 2021, “completely rebuilt from the ground up by Motive Studios to deliver a deeper and more immersive experience,” according to the game’s description.

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Schofield also mentioned that he had to try really hard to send Dead space, going so far as to take advantage of his position in the studio to form a small team and ask for time to create a demo. New intellectual property in a relatively specialized genre was a source of reluctance on EA’s part, although newly appointed EA CEO John Riccitiello became a “big advocate” later in production. “I think they were still wondering how they were going to sell it because they were used to licensed games, but they gave us some money and we were finally able to get the game off the ground,” Schofield said.

The support of industry players like Mikami and executives like Riccitiello was important to Dead spacethe success. The survival horror title would become a key game in the genre, like Mikami resident Evil, which, according to Schofield, served as inspiration for the original launch of the game: “I want to do resident Evil in the space.”

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