Palme d’Or-winning body horror Titane hits US theaters this fall, with Agathe Rousselle’s debut in a bizarre psycho-sexual plot.

After achieving great success at the Cannes Film Festival, including winning the prestigious Palme d’Or, horror fans are looking forward to seeing TitaniumBut when and how can they do it? This film festival always generates a lot of interest for moviegoers, so many are looking forward to seeing the winners at their local theater. French director Julia Ducournau’s horror thriller was a surprise winner this year, but many critics were fascinated by the film and it was generally considered a deserved winner. Titanium It will hit theaters around the world by the end of the year.

Titanium won the Palme d’Or based on a vote by a jury that included Do the right thing the director Spike Lee and other luminaries of the cinema. The film currently has 96 percent of Rotten tomatoes and an average score of 74 on Metacritical. Critics praised TitaniumThe horror of the body and the shocking twists of the plot, with BBC critic Nicholas Barber calling him “a barrage of sex, violence, eerie lights and hard-hitting nightmare music, but maliciously comical” Y IndieWireDavid ehrlich calling him “one of the wildest films ever shown at Cannes.

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As fans await news of its arrival in theaters around the world, we break down what the story turns into, who makes up the cast, and when fans can expect to see the film at a local theater.

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Titane story details

The plot of Titanium it is surreal and operates through a kind of dream logic. The main character, Alexia, is in a car accident as a child and develops a sexual fascination with cars that has drawn comparisons to Shock and other films by David Cronenberg. Alexia becomes pregnant after having sex with a car and later adopts a male identity. He disguises himself as Adrien, a missing young man, and introduces himself to the boy’s father, all while hiding his monstrous pregnancy. The plot sounds strange on paper, and audiences who couldn’t make it to Cannes will have to wait to see how Ducournau pulls it off.

Titanium casting

The previously unknown Agathe Rousselle plays Alexia, and Titanium it is his first feature film. Vincent Lindon, who previously won the Best Actor award at Cannes, co-stars as Vincent, the father of the missing boy. Other names in the cast include Garance Marillier and Myriem Akheddiou.

Titane release date (and where to watch)

The Palme d’Or victory may have made Titanium one of the most anticipated movies of 2021, but those from English-speaking countries will have to wait a few months to see it. The film opened in France on July 14, the day after its Cannes premiere. Attitude Film Distribution and Film4 acquired the UK distribution rights and have said it will be released later this year. Neon will distribute the film in the United States and has announced a release date of October 1. Foreign language movies like Titanium they are typically performed in smaller “arthouse” theaters in North America, where actual screening dates will vary based on individual theater needs. If the film becomes an Oscar nominee as the 2019 Palme winner Parasite from director Bong Joon Ho, could also play multiplexes. So far no streaming release has been announced for Titanium, but it will probably continue within the next year.

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