Gal Gadot celebrates Lynda Carter’s birthday by sharing a new behind-the-scenes video of the actress’s surprise cameo in Wonder Woman 1984.

TO Wonder Woman 1984 The behind-the-scenes video offers a fresh look at Lynda Carter’s cameo. After the success of the first Wonder Woman movie in 2017, director Patty Jenkins reunited with Gal Gadot for a sequel. Unfortunately, the blockbuster was delayed multiple times due to various reasons. In the end, Warner Bros. opted for a hybrid release, releasing it in theaters the same day it hit HBO Max.

Like its predecessor, Wonder Woman 1984 is another period piece that follows Diana Prince in her life in the 1980s at the height of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. At this point, she feels increasingly lonely as the friends she made in WWI are slowly dying. So while she has a job at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC, she mostly lives her life as a recluse, until an accidental encounter with Dreamstone brings Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) back to life. As for the adversaries, Wonder Woman faced two new villains in Barbara Ann Minerva / Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) and Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal). But, a hidden story in the middle of the sequel’s main narrative introduces a new hero: Asteria (Carter), an Amazon who first donned the Armor of the Golden Eagle.

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As with most blockbusters today, Wonder Woman 1984 featured a post-credits scene that appropriately debuts with Asteria. In the scene, he wanders through a Christmas market, revealing that he has been living among humans like Diana. Now to celebrate Carter’s birthday this year, Gadot shared a new video from the movie set while filming the aforementioned scene. Check it out below:

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Asteria’s history was not fully explained in Wonder Woman 1984. If anything, some might argue that it’s embedded in it, as the sequel’s main story could still have worked without it. As Diana explained to Steve, who saw the golden armor at her home, Asteria allowed the rest of the Amazons to flee home with Zeus’s newly created Themyscira. It is not known what happened to him after that, but considering his golden statue in the hidden paradise, it is safe to assume that he is presumed to have died a long time ago. Inspired by her bravery, Diana tried to locate her when she left home, but all she could find was her golden armor that was eventually put on in the film’s final action sequence.

With Wonder woman 3 already lit in green, it is curious if Asteria will take it into account. For what it’s worth, post-credits scenes are generally used to set up what’s next in terms of story, so it’s possible that the Wonder Woman 1984 The sequel would see Diana finally find her. This directly involves Carter in the franchise decades since she played the Amazon Goddess on the small screen in the ’70s. The question is when exactly will the events of the threequel land in the DCEU timeline.

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