All MCU movies have a strong sense of humor, but some are more overtly comical than others. With writing credits for Anchorman director Adam McKay and Paul Rudd himself, Ant Man it’s closer to a full-blown comedy than possibly any other entry in the franchise.

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In fact, Ant Man has more in common with Baby I shrunk the kids that The dark knight, drawing visual humor and visual jokes of Hank Pym’s ability to grow and shrink humans (and a ton of other things). These visual jokes are the funniest of the Ant-Man solo series.

10 Hope’s little car

Ant-Man and the Wasp Shrinking Car

In the first scenes of Ant-Man and the WaspScott is under house arrest. When Janet van Dyne contacts him from the Quantum Realm, he has a reason to contact Hank and Hope, who are still angry that he took the Ant-Man suit to Berlin without permission.

As Scott is driven by Hope, he realizes that the other cars on the road are much larger and Hope is driving him in a car that he downsized to the size of a Hot Wheels toy.

9 A laboratory with a suitcase handle

A briefcase is a fairly common MacGuffin, like the glossy one you see on Pulp fiction. The MacGuffin in Ant-Man and the Wasp it’s actually a complete lab, but it’s the size of a briefcase because Hank can shrink it down to the size of a dollhouse.

He has even equipped the building with a handle and a pair of wheels so that it can be moved more easily when it is cramped.

8 “Costumes”

Scott, Hope and Hank dressed up in Ant-Man and the Wasp

Since Scott is supposed to be under house arrest and Hank and Hope are in a little legal trouble the entire process. Ant-Man and the Wasp, everyone has to dress up when in public. But Hank just passes out baseball caps and sunglasses, reasoning, “No one will recognize us.”

Scott jokes: “What, for the hats and the sunglasses? That’s not a costume, Hank, we look like ourselves at a baseball game! “

7 Giant man wading the ocean to a ferry

Giant man in Ant-man and the Wasp

Scott’s giant man form was first introduced in Captain America: Civil War when it was blown up in the middle of the airport battle and ripped War Machine out of the sky. The form of the Giant Man returned in Ant-Man and the Waspthe final battle.

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When Scott is in his Giant Man form, he jumps into the ocean like a swimming pool and wades to try to talk to the passengers on a ferry.

6 Cassie’s dog-sized pet ant

In the middle of Ant ManIn the final battle, an ant flies to the size of a dog. After the battle, the ant never backs down. Instead, Cassie simply adopts him as a pet.

There are some dark implications to the existence of this pet ant. Either it would suffocate because ants don’t have lungs, which is why they need to be so small, or it would crush under the weight of its own exoskeleton. But as a visual joke, it’s a lot of fun.

5 Close-up magic

There is a gag everywhere Ant-Man and the Wasp that Scott has been getting into close-up magic under house arrest. Some people don’t care less about his magic tricks, but others love them. He even inspires Agent Woo to pursue close-up magic himself.

If Doctor Strange, Wong, and the Scarlet Witch fight to keep the multiverse of insanity in check with all of their magical powers combined, they could summon the other MCU’s master sorcerer.

4 Giant man using cars as skateboards

When Walton Goggins’ charismatic crime boss Sonny Burch takes over Hank Pym’s tiny lab, Ant-Man and the Wasp chase him and his goons through the bumpy streets of San Francisco.

Scott takes the form of Giant-Man and climbs on the roof of a car to use it as a skateboard and gain speed to catch up with Burch and his goons.

3 Thomas the Tank Engine

During Ant-Man’s climactic fight with Yellowjacket, the fight takes them all over town. They fight in a helicopter and inside a falling briefcase and even in a family’s backyard pool. They end up in Cassie’s room on the Thomas the Tank Engine train track.

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Ant-Man gets out of the way of the high-speed train in time, but Yellowjacket isn’t so lucky. An epic, dramatic cinematic shot of the train approaching the supervillain hilariously contrasts with a mundane general shot of a toy train falling off the track. This gag feels like a holdover from Edgar Wright’s original vision.

2 Scott child size

When Scott has to collect some reduced technology from Cassie’s backpack, he sneaks into the school reducing himself to the size of a child. The oversized hoodie makes this prank even more fun.

As long as Scott is the size of a toddler, Hope and Hank can’t help but make jokes. When he gets in the car, Hank says, “Hi, champ, how was school today?”

1 Fireproof

After Scott steals the Ant-Man suit from Hank’s safe, he involuntarily shrinks for the first time in his bathtub and is given a “litmus test” by Hank.

This montage is full of hilarious visual jokes: he flees from the water that fills the bathtub, he is attacked by a giant rat, he is picked up by a vacuum cleaner, he desperately clings to a spinning record on a DJ’s turntable. Ant Man got his human shrink antics off to an excellent start in this sequence.

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