At the end of Avengers: Endgame, Steve Rogers cut out the branching timelines they created by returning the Infinity Stones, except for one.

Steve Rogers fixed all the branching timelines the time heist created in Avengers Endgame-except one. It took five years for the mightiest heroes on Earth to find a way to undo Thanos’ snap at the end of Avengers: infinity war, and even when they realized things, many uncertainties arose. The remaining heroes had to travel through time to collect the Infinity Stones and reverse the annihilation. But his mission didn’t end with just Smart Hulk successfully reclaiming half of life in the universe.

In addition to fighting Thanos in 2014 and his henchmen, the Avengers also had to return the six elemental crystals to their original locations. That way, a branching timeline wouldn’t be created, as the Elder explained in his discussion with Smart Hulk. Steve was chosen for the outing to return the Infinity Stones, which he graciously accepted. While Marvel Studios did not reveal what happened in Captain Rogers’ final adventure before he retired and lived with Peggy Carter in the 1940s, the general idea was that he successfully fulfilled his task. But despite this, the team forgot a timeline created to rectify.

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Before the time heist, the heroes needed to test whether or not the idea was plausible using their new suits and Quantum Portal. Ant-Man was supposed to be the one to make the initial journey, considering Scott Lang’s experience with the Quantum Realm. But after a couple of setbacks, Hawkeye was sent to do it. Clint Barton successfully jumped to his field house before Thanos’ snap, and to prove that the mechanism was working, he took a baseball glove from his house and returned it to the present day. Now, according to the time travel rules established in Endgame, this should effectively create a branched timeline. This was the exact same reason that Steve also had to return Mjölnir that Thor took from the 2014 timeline on top of the Reality Stone. But, the movie never showed any of the heroes returning the gauntlet to cut out the alternate reality that Hawkeye’s action did.

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In fairness to the heroes, this was done before they fully understood how Endgame The time heist could have implications for the larger universe. At this point, they simply focused on figuring out whether the idea of ​​time travel was feasible or not. Once Clint’s trip to his country home confirmed that it was possible, they moved on to their next course of action to develop a game plan. By the time they achieved the time heist, they had to deal with the death of Black Widow, the creation of a new glove for the reverse snap, and the all-out battle with Thanos. Once it’s all done, Smart Hulk or anyone else may not have remembered the gauntlet Hawkeye took from the past. The question now is whether that created timeline prospered or if TVA stepped in to reestablish it in Loki.

At this point, the possible branching reality has not been mentioned in the MCU, even like the timeline it goes from Infinity Saga to Phase 4. It is not even clear if any of the surviving heroes remember this incident before the time heist. But given that the multiverse will be a major factor in the future of the franchise, it is curious if this is not addressed. Avengers Endgame The alternate timeline will always take into account upcoming stories.

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