DC is home to a host of supervillains who have a long history of committing cruel acts. Fans around the world know of the Joker’s notorious inhumanity and Lex Luthor’s barbaric obsession with Superman. Right at the top of the evil villain rankings with these two, is Darkseid. He is a new God, which makes him one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse.

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Darkseid was able to obtain this power by inciting a war between the Old Gods and then taking their power for himself. He has used this power to spread chaos and tyranny throughout the cosmos. The heroes of the DC Universe have prevented him from fulfilling his final plans on many occasions, but they have little hope of actually defeating him. As such, Darkseid’s list of cruel and despicable acts only grows with each story he appears in.

10 Corrupted an innocent child

As a being whose main desire is to rule everything with the Anti-Life Equation, it is only natural for Darkseid to spend his time corrupting the young. Darkseid once told Eclipso how he told a boy that his cat had eaten his pet bird, which could not be found. The evil god then told the boy to avenge his bird by burying his cat alive, which the boy did. The boy then killed his bird, which had flown back home, because he was angry. This boy would turn out to be one of Darkseid’s cruelest henchmen, DeSaad.

9 Has an untold number of slaves


Darkseid rules all that is his on the infernal planet Apokolips. This world can be considered essentially as a great industrial plant, where only tools of war and oppression are produced. Those who produce this technology are all slaves of Darkseid. In fact, the vast majority of the people who inhabit Apokolips are slaves, making this act even more cruel, given that their number is likely in the top millions. As if this couldn’t get worse, most of these people are also prisoners of war, brought back to Apokolips after Darkseid conquered their worlds.

8 Killed his own brother


The murder of a person may seem small and insignificant compared to Darkseid’s other acts, but the murder of a member of one’s own family is downright cruel. Darkseid had a brother named Drax. Drax was indeed a good man, unlike Darkseid, or as he was called during this time in his life, Uxas. As Drax tried to master the power of the Omega force, Uxas jumped up and stole the power from Drax, who killed him. The fact that all this had its origin in a selfish desire for the throne of Apokolips makes this act even more heinous.

7 Corrupted his daughter

Being the daughter of Darkseid and an Amazon warrior makes Grail a true force to be reckoned with. She is responsible for starting a war between her father and the Anti-Monitor, which resulted in nothing but death and destruction on Earth. However, she was not always an evil person.

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Her Amazonian mother sought to raise her in an honorable manner, but Grail constantly saw visions of evil and had nightmares in which Darkseid would speak to her and tell her that she was his. The corruption of his daughter, who could have been a force for good in the world, was a truly cruel act.

6 The time he “killed” Batman

Heroes are people who put the lives of others before their own. Your job is to save the lives of innocent people and fight evil in the world. Killing anyone who takes responsibility for being a hero is a cruel and thoughtless act, especially when it comes to someone like Batman, who has given so much to keep the world safe. It was during the Final crisis event, that Batman broke his rule of never using weapons to try to stop Darkseid, who in turn fired his Omega Rays at the hero. While everyone thought Batman was dead, he was actually sent back to Earth’s past prehistoric era. The fact that he survived doesn’t change how cruel Darkseid’s actions were here.

5 He tortured Wonder Woman and slaughtered the Amazons

In addition to the Anti-Life Equation, if there is something Darkseid is always looking for, it is more power. Specifically, he seems to have a taste for the power of the gods. Desiring the power of the Olympian gods, Darkseid, along with DeSaad, tortured Wonder Woman into revealing the location of her gods. Wonder Woman, being Wonder Woman, refused to tell him, so he ordered his forces to Themysicra. A battle followed, which ended with the death of about half of the total number of warriors on the island.

4 He forbade the murder of Superman to break his soul instead

Superman and Lex Luthor ended up in Apokolips during the events of Darkseid War. Darkseid and his minions were immediately aware of the Kryptonian’s presence. Steppenwolf, Darkseid’s general, asks his master if he wants him to kill the hero.

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Surprisingly, Darkseid says no. As expected, he had a much more sinister plan. He wanted his slaves to try to kill Superman, just to show him that there is no hope in Apokolips. The slaves attacked and, despite Superman’s pleas, they didn’t budge one bit.

3 I tried to destroy the multiverse

final crisis 2 to 1

During the Final Crisis, Darkseid almost won. He came very close to defeating the heroes and claiming all of existence as his own. However, thanks to the combined efforts of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and many more, he was defeated. However, when his essence left this plane of existence, he tried to take everything with him while reality fell into a black hole. Fortunately, Superman was able to avoid this. However, if he hadn’t, Darkseid would have literally destroyed everything. There is nothing more cruel than that.

2 Billions of human beings enslaved to the anti-life equation

Before being defeated and given a chance to try to destroy everything, Darkseid carried out his last fantasy. Finally he used the Anti-Life Equation. Unfortunately for the heroes of Earth, he used it on his planet, putting almost everyone under his heels. He was the people of Earth and the people of Earth were Darkseid. He was even lucky enough to capture many heroes, making them his warriors. All of these people were completely stripped of their free will, only Darkseid’s will existed.

1 Had a successful second attempt in the final crisis

darkseid old god in death metal

If at first one does not conquer the universe, try, try again. This was likely Darkseid’s motto when he was sent to an alternate reality in the Dark Multiverse by The Batman Who Laughs. In Dark Nights: Death Metal, By Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, this evil version of Batman created a universe in the Dark Multiverse where Darkseid could triumph in the events of Final Crisis, and he did. As seen through Superman’s eyes, Darkseid won the battle and now ruled everything with the Anti-Life Equation. This means that Darkseid controlled all living things in that universe at the time, or controls those that he did not kill. Either way, seeing the culmination of his grandiose plans is both horrifying and incredibly cruel.

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