Harley Quinn artist Riley Rossmo reveals unused costume design concepts for her career and writer Stephanie Phillips in the title.

When DC Comics relaunched Harley Quinn earlier this year with writer Stephanie Phillips and artist Riley Rossmo at the helm, the former Clown Princess of Crime debuted an entirely new look, borrowing elements from several of her previous incarnations. Rossmo has now shared several Harley redesign concepts for the title that ultimately did not make the final cut.

To celebrate the launch of Harley quinn # 5, the artist shared Harley’s unused costume concepts in a post for Twitter. In addition to Phillips, Rossmo tagged Harley quinn inker Jay Leisten, colorist Ivan Plascencia, and marker Deron Bennett. The concept art paints a picture of how Rossmo experimented with different outfits, hairstyles, makeup, and weapons for Harley.

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Phillips wrote the two-part limited series Future State: Harley Quinn, which launched last January as part of DC’s Future State event. In March, the publisher relaunched its main line Harley quinn series with a new # 1 issue. Phillips rewrote the series, and Rossmo joined her on the project as an artist.

According to the full synopsis of Harley quinn # 5,

Did I miss something or is there another new jerk in a funny costume trying to take over Gotham? The villains in this city are like that multi-headed hydra monster – some explode in Arkham Asylum, and 50 more show up in ridiculous costumes thinking they’re worthy of one of those fancy character variant covers. And here I thought getting out of Hugo Strange’s new headquarters and saving the clowns would be my biggest problem today.

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Written by Stephanie Phillips and illustrated by Riley Rossmo, Harley quinn The n. 5 is out now from DC Comics. Issue 6 goes on sale on August 24.

Source: Twitter

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