Yes day star and producer Jennifer garner It has partnered with Netflix for a sequel to the family comedy, which is already in production. Besides coming back for a new Yes day Garner also signed a multi-image deal with the streaming giant.

Based on a children’s book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Yes day debuted on Netflix last March. The film quickly became Netflix’s largest children’s and family movie after being viewed by 62 million households in the four weeks after its release. Yes Day tells the story of parents who always say no to their children, but decided to give them a day when almost all applications will be accepted. Garner is confirmed to return as Allison Torres for the sequel, but we don’t know if co-stars are yet. Edgar ramirez Y Jenna ortega we will also return.


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Commenting on the multi-image deal, Netflix’s global film director Scott Stuber said:

“As an actress, she [Garner] He proved to be incredibly versatile in unforgettable roles spanning fast-paced action, heartfelt comedies, and thought-provoking dramas. She approaches every aspect of her work with such detail and preparation, which makes her an extremely valuable partner and producer. We hope to celebrate another Yes day with Jen and collaborating on many other interesting projects. ”

Garner is also excited about the new partnership, underscoring how the experience of producing Yes day it was one of the most enriching of his life. In Garner’s words:

“I am honored to join the incredible group of creatives in the Netflix family and I am very excited to be working with their passionate and innovative teams across all departments. I had the most rewarding and creative experience bringing Yes day to the life. Seeing the global reach of Netflix as the Torres family wreaked havoc in homes around the world makes me eager to dive into another Yes Day; I can not wait. I am grateful for Netflix’s continued support and I look forward to mixing it across the board with this partnership. ”

There is still no release date for the Yes day sequel, and Netflix didn’t reveal any details about Garner’s future projects. Garner, however, will appear in two upcoming Netflix movies that are not part of the deal: the sci-fi image. The Adam Project, which also stars Ryan reynolds; Y Family leave, another Rosenthal adaptation that Garner is also producing.

Yes day is available right now, exclusively on Netflix.

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