Trailer presented by Forbidden Master And Disciple’s Eirth and Demon King Treynar are funnier versions of Death Note’s Light and Ryuk.

Aside from the epic nature of how the sleeveThe holder notebook works, an important source of Death note the appeal comes from Yagami LightThe twisted relationship with the Shinigami. Ryuk. A new manga called Breakthrough brought by master and forbidden disciple now he’s taking this concept where the main character is followed by a powerful spirit-like creature that only he can see and throwing it to a completely different level.

In Death Note, high school student Light Yagami stumbles upon a strange and otherworldly notebook that grants him the ability to kill almost anyone whose name he writes on its cursed pages, as well as see and converse with a Shinigami named Ryuk. Soon a kind of symbiotic relationship emerges. Ryuk benefits from the entertainment that comes from Light’s use of Death Note, while Light learns the ins and outs of the book’s rules and other details as needed from his Shinigami as he carries out his twisted form of justice.

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In A breakthrough brought by a forbidden master and disciple, Eirth is the son of the appropriately named hero, Hiro, who is famous and praised for his defeat of the Demon King Treynar 15 years ago. Although he is one of the most talented students in his academy, Eirth is always second to the Princess Bride. in this medieval world. As the son of such a powerful and well-known man, Eirth feels incredible pressure to surpass the princess. He is frustrated by the unrealistic expectations everyone has of him and because they have the audacity to sympathize with him.

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One day, Eirth visits the same sword that his father used to use. kill the demon king for the first time in over a decade and comes face to face with Demon King Treynar himself. After an initial shock, Eirth discovers that Treynar’s soul has been trapped in the sword since his defeat and that, for some reason, his spirit is now physically bound to Eirth. Soon, the two enemies realize that they can both benefit from their strange situation. Treynar is furious at how Eirth and the world think he is weak while Eirth wants to outdo the princess. Then Treynar concludes that the best way to reveal his strength is to help Eirth become more powerful.

Unlike Ryuk, who gleefully watches Light’s chaos from the sidelines, Treynar takes a more practical approach as a spirit guide, especially since he never chose to be in this degrading role. His attachment to the mortal realm is also more pronounced than Ryuk’s, as he himself once lived there. He even has a fanboy meltdown when he learns that his favorite book series got a sequel during his captivity and demands that Eirth buy. Other more comical moments abound in the manga, especially since Treynar is only able to go where Eirth goes. (There’s another funny scene where her family’s maid carries an unconscious Eirth while an agitated Treynar is dragged back across the ground with his arms crossed in frustration.) The comic scenes with Ryuk are much more limited in Death Note as a result of his more distant approach, but his adoration for apples shines through every time Light is kind enough to give him some.

Of course, the general tone of both series varies greatly due to the obvious divergence on the subject. Breakthrough brought by master and forbidden disciple is happy while Death Note it is psychological and serious. But their intriguing correlation through the use of ominous spirit guides that are linked to specific humans makes the comparison entertaining. The new manga essentially asks: What if Ryuk had a chance to eat apples all day? It would be great.

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