Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Jim Ryan has confirmed that the recently acquired studio Nixxes will allow PlayStation to port even more games to PC.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and President Jim Ryan has confirmed that Play station‘s The acquisition of Nixxes Software will allow the publisher to release more games in personal computer. On July 1, just days after the purchase of Return Developer Housemarque, PlayStation welcomed Nixxes to the family first.

Founded in 1999, Nixxes Software, based in the Netherlands, is better known as a PC port house. In recent years, the group has brought several titles published by Square Enix to PC, including titles such as Hitman: Absolution, the tomb Raider reboot, and Deus Ex: humanity divided. However, Nixxes is no stranger to working intimately with PlayStation hardware, having ported multiple Kain’s legacy PlayStation projects to other platforms. But Nixxes’ more recent projects drew attention specifically after the PlayStation purchase, given the latter’s ongoing efforts to gain a foothold in the PC space. These efforts began with a Horizon: Zero Dawn port, then drove to Past days PC launch. The newest member of PlayStation Studios will help ensure that other exclusive experiences reach a wider audience.

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Talking to Japanese publication Famitsu (via Wccftech), PlayStation CEO and President Jim Ryan confirmed online conversations about Sony’s intentions regarding the purchase of the Nixxes software. Ryan most notably expressed his enthusiasm for working with Nixxes to bring additional exclusive PlayStation titles to PC. According to WccftechThe executive also noted his satisfaction with the PlayStation PC ports, so far, although these efforts are still in their infancy. Ryan did not give clues as to which adventure he will migrate next.

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It’s no wonder that Nixxes will play a pivotal role in future PlayStation PC-related endeavors. Jim Ryan previously stated that more PS4 exclusives would make the leap; In addition, one of Sony’s financial presentations at the beginning of the year indicated Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End You may be next in line for PC port treatment. However, an official confirmation from the publisher has yet to emerge.

The PS4 games of various hits from the original Sony group are rumored to ditch their exclusivity. God of War (2018) counts as one of those titles, although nothing concrete has corroborated the claim. The recent elimination of the “Only on PlayStation“label of Tsushima ghost PS4 box art led to similar personal computer rumbles of the harbor. Once again, rumors and speculations of this nature remain unfounded in terms of the publisher’s official word.

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Source: Famitsu via Wccftech

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