In season 1, Riverdale unveiled its key set of characters including Archie Andrews, Cheryl Blossom, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, and Jughead Jones. These characters have consistently appeared throughout the show and since they were part of the foundation, fans have invested heavily in their story arcs.

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The CW teen drama has continued to introduce new characters each season, most of whom have spiced up the events rather than made them nondescript. Every character who joined the show after the inaugural season had a lasting impact on Riverdale High or Riverdale as a city.

10 Hiram Lodge

An image of a smiling Hiram Lodge in Riverdale

The CEO of Lodge Industries is not only a great businessman, but also a criminal mastermind. Monopolize Riverdale by buying up all major businesses. He then becomes mayor before completely dissolving Riverdale from his township.

Lodge’s character development surpasses that of many other characters. For a man who was in prison before the series began, he has done extremely well for himself. The antagonist is a clear example of how much the selfishness of one person can ruin the lives of others. The constant confrontations with his own family make for a great visualization and so does his ability to come up with new schemes every day.

9 Toni Topaz

The Southside Serpents member is close to Jughead Jones. She also has one of the best relationships on the show with former River Vixens director Cheryl Blossom.

Toni’s positive attitude towards life makes her one of the best LGBTQ characters on television. He is an easy presence for viewers, due to his love for truth and justice. Toni is also compassionate and empathetic, with the ability to sense when others are in pain. She is able to see through Cheryl’s “bad girl” personality and realize that she is actually hurting inside.

8 Forgaty Fangs

Fangs has had some flattering character arcs in the teen drama. These include having an open relationship with Kevin and being one of the prime suspects in Midge’s murder. He is then presumed dead for a time only to appear alive and well.

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What makes Fangs interesting is that his mannerisms keep changing throughout the show. At first, he is portrayed as a cowardly gang member, even running around when Archie points a gun at Sweet Pea. After joining the cult gang, The Farm, he becomes a villain, going so far as to drag Betty across the ground, though he comes to his senses again. Fangs is also one of the most loyal characters, be it with his lovers or with his friends.

7 Tabitha tate

Tabitha at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe taking customer orders in Riverdale

The inclusion of Pope Tate’s granddaughter is one of the main differences between Riverdale and the Archie comics as he is an exclusive character on the show. Tabitha is eager to get on the Forbes list one day. She leaves a six-figure job in Chicago and comes to Riverdale to run Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe. He dreams of turning the restaurant into one of the largest restaurant chains in the United States.

Tabitha has proven to be a better businesswoman than her grandfather Pope. She is more enthusiastic about finances, evident through her “no running tabs” policy. You are also careful who you employ. She denies Jughead a job because he’s unskilled. However, she is also empathetic as she later employs it out of pity when debt collectors are after him.

6 Mosquito

Midge has one of the saddest character deaths in Riverdale when she is killed by Hal Cooper aka The Black Hood after being cast as “Carrie White” in a school musical. Death is more devastating because viewers thought he was safe after he survived a previous encounter with the same villain.

The best stories that focus on Midge revolve around her relationship with Moose Mason. He literally catches bullets for her when The Black Hood first tries to kill her. Sadly, she cheats on him with Fangs. However, Midge is warm-hearted, friendly, and supportive. She helps Kevin deal with stress and is also there for Moose after the shooting.

5 Elegant

Chic and Betty in Riverdale

Chic is a master copycat. He pretends to be Charles Smith, a lie that stays alive for a while. After being mentored by Penelope Blossom, he becomes the character of Gargoyle King.

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Chic is a good copycat because he knows how to change his emotions in an instant. Lie and manipulate with ease. as seen during his time at Cooper’s house. His actions, like glaring at a sleeping Betty, keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The show constantly hints that he is committing murder, though he mostly refrains from this.

4 Sister Woodhouse

Sister Agatha Woodhouse oversees the group home of the Sisters of Silent Mercy. Although she presents herself as a righteous woman, Woodhouse is revealed to be evil.

Sister Woodhouse incorporates elements of horror and suspense into the show. He terrifies his patients, locking them up and forcing them to ingest Fizzle Rocks to trigger hallucinations in them. She is also very reserved and this is best demonstrated when Betty Cooper tries to get some responses from her.

3 Jellybean jones

Jughead’s sister, Jellybean, separates from him when her parents divorce. Jughead stays with his father while Jellybean leaves with his mother. They stay close and finally meet again.

Jellybean is a no-nonsense child and this stems from the way her mother raised her. Like her mother, she has been a con artist at some point in her life. She loves rock bands and movies, which makes her a fun character to hang out with. The only unfortunate thing about her is that her crush on Archie never gets her anywhere, making her one of the stories the show left behind.

2 Sweet pea

Sweet Pea is anything but sweet. The Southside Serpents member hates Northside and is more than happy to take part in battles against the Red Circle and Riverdale Bulldogs as a result.

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Pea is prone to violent outbursts, but that’s part of his appeal. His loyalty to the south side serpents is also notable. It makes him appear firm and confident at all times, compared to other characters who tend to be in conflict. he believes he is the greatest gang of all time, so he couldn’t understand why Jughead was reluctant to join her. Although his temper gets out of control, he has been shown to be forgiving and compassionate.

1 Munroe “Mad Dog” Moore

One of Archie’s best friends, Munroe “Mad Dog” Moore, is a skilled fighter. He spends most of his life in prison, but Archie has a plan to blackmail the governor and get Mad Dog pardoned.

As a member of Warden Norton’s illegal fighting club and Elio Grande’s team, Mad Dog contributes to some of the best action sequences in the teen drama. When he’s not throwing punches and kicks, Mad Dog is a quiet individual. Among Archie’s friends, he seems to be the one who values ​​him the most, as if it weren’t for him, he’d still be behind bars.

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