Star Trek: Lower Decks may be outright comical, but it’s still part of Star Trek canon, despite what some naysayers say.

Despite all its raunchy content and direct posts from the more ridiculous side of Star trek culture, the most controversial aspect of Star Trek: Lower Decks it may be its canon status. Showrunner Mike McMahan assured fans that it was at a symposium at Star Trek Las Vegas in 2019. Still, parts of the fanbase insist it is otherwise. Much of it comes from Lower covers‘deliberately absurd tone and fears that if such overtly comic material is canon, it destroys Star trektone largely serious in the process.

In fact, McMahan and the rest of the Lower covers The production staff took steps not only to establish the show as canon, but also to make it inseparable from the rest of the Star trek. That involved careful use of the show’s abundant Easter eggs and a dedication to a previous Emigrate series that never got what it deserved. The combination of the two makes extracting Lower covers of the extremely difficult canon.

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Gene Roddenberry, a notoriously despised canon. Paula Block, who managed Paramount’s licensed properties, spoke about it on Imagination Journeys: Star Trek’s Fictional Companion, claiming that he often “removed” episodes from the canon that he didn’t like or felt were not up to par. That included The animated series, that Roddenberry tried to remove when he renegotiated license rights after Star Trek: The Next Generation issued for the first time. However, that ended up creating huge headaches for writers down the road.

As novelizations and other non-canon material became increasingly disparate, pick and choose what worked for any given time in Star trek it was unsustainable. Too many plot holes or logical contradictions destroyed the sense of reality that all television shows depend on, and the elaborate details of the story. Star trek universe were part of the point of sale. The more elegantly they fit together, the more plausible the universe becomes. That includes lighter episodes of more serious Star trek show how The original series Season 2, Episode 15, “The Trouble with Tribbles”, which was played to elicit deliberate laughter. Countless individual moments within each series are also played for a laugh, and they are all part of canon.

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That undoes one of the greatest blows against Lower coversCanonical status: His satirical tone, which some fans believe makes light of his love for the franchise. On Star Trek Las Vegas, McMahan emphasized that the show was not “hitting” against Emigrate but exploring the kind of humanity emphasized by the franchise’s lighter side. The jokes come largely at the expense of the characters and not the universe itself. While the show delights Star trek sillier details – presenting the famous incompetent Pakleds as a serious threat, for example – is the heroes’ response to them that Lower covers focus your humor on.

The program does its best to get the details correct, closing down a host of other arguments against its canonical status. For example, uniforms don’t seem to match the schedule (Lower covers takes place one year after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis). However, the appearance of the Titan crew in “proper” uniforms in Season 1, Episode 10, “No Small Parts”, disproves this: the Cerritos crew simply have a different uniform. Of course, Lower covers works carefully to weave elements of each previous Star trek show, included The animated series, to make it as accurate as possible. For example, Dr. T’Ana is a cat-like Caitian, who first appeared in The animated series and later in Star Trek IV – The journey home. That also includes voice performances by Emigrate student, who often repeats his classic characters: in particular, Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis, who made a cameo as Riker and Troi in “No Small Parts.”

Ultimately, those links represent any attempt to “decanonize” Lower covers a futile exercise as it would mean ignoring too many strong connections. Star trek has become large enough to fill many niches and Lower covers it’s like nothing the franchise has ever done before. But as his second season approaches and the excitement begins to build, his love jabs are an important part of it. Star trek like Enterprise itself.

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