Driven to popularity by Steven Speilberg’s wildly successful and frequently quoted Jaws movie, the shark attack genre has become a staple for horror fans. Unfortunately, few filmmakers seek to put genuine effort into these projects, and most only find niche appeal like movies that are so bad they’re good.

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Making a bad movie is one thing, but these 10 superficial shark attack movies ended up being an unintentional comedy phenomenon. A far cry from the 1975 Speilberg epic, when it comes to shark movies today, straightforward DVD disappointments like these can pop into fans’ heads before the blockbuster that started it all.

10 Two-Headed Shark Attack (2012)

The titular two-headed shark from the movie Two-Headed Shark Attack.

A ship full of college students is forced to make an emergency stop on a seemingly abandoned island after something rips a giant gash on the hull. As they explore their surroundings and look for ways to repair the ship, the two-headed titular beast begins to eliminate them.

Filled with some ridiculously silly scenes and an ending that absolutely must be seen to be believed, Two-headed shark attack tread the line between the horrible B-movie and the intentionally funny shark attack movie. It also features Carmen Electra and Brooke Hogan.

9 Santa Jaws (2018)

Still from the comedy horror film Santa Jaws.

When a sketch of a Christmas-themed shark by a young comic book enthusiast suddenly appears in the flesh at a nearby harbor, a joyous inferno is unleashed as the creature begins to devour residents, all while wearing a Santa hat on the fin.

Sporting an oddly high level of polish for a film of this nature, the premise of Holy jaws it’s tremendous fun. It plays strangely straightforward, which adds to the hilarity. It’s certainly not a Christmas classic along the lines of A christmas story, but it’s almost a must-see for fans of Christmas horror movies.

8 Sand Shark (2012)

Still from the 2012 film Sand Shark.

A greedy business mogul is eager to cash in on a bunch of spring break partygoers, but things turn around when the island they’re on is attacked by a shark with the uncanny ability to swim through the sand as if out of water.

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A major setback to most shark attack movies is due to the fact that these ocean predators are not much of a threat far from the waves. But nevertheless, Sand shark up the ante by taking bathers by surprise. A fun and fun mix of Jaws and the one led by Kevin Bacon Tremors, Sand sharkInterestingly, it was another 2012 movie about a shark attack starring Hulk Hogan’s daughter.

7 Avalanche Sharks (2014)

Still from the horror movie Avalanche Sharks.

As is often the case when it comes to cheesy movies about shark attacks, 2014 Avalanche sharks sees a group of unfortunate spring breakers beset by an aquatic menace. This time, however, the twentysomethings are high in the mountains, and the Tooth Menace functions as a spectral entity capable of swimming through the snow.

Unsurprisingly, the acting is horrible, the CGI is comical, and the situations are as ridiculous as they seem. It may be hammy, but Avalanche sharks It’s a laugh-a-minute matter, though it’s unclear if the filmmakers intended it to be as fun as it is.

6 Shark Attack III: Megalodon (2002)

Man falling into a shark's mouth in Shark Attack III: Megalodon.

The cornerstone of the more or less forgotten Shark attack movie series, Shark Attack III: Megalodon it actually features higher production values ‚Äč‚Äčthan most other B movies. While it’s still packed with hammy over-acting and some incredibly unconvincing special effects, it’s almost as good as the original. Jaws movie compared to most so-called shark exploitation movies.

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But nevertheless, Shark Attack III made questionable use of green screen effects, offering the kind of effects fans might expect from a 1975 episode of Land of the lost. However, if these scenes were a bit more palatable, the movie would have been completely forgotten. It’s also not as good as the Jason Statham-directed deep-sea movie. The meg.

5 Sharktopus (2010)

The shark-octopus hybrid that attacks a man in the water in Sharktopus.

Seemingly tired of the traditional shark attack cliche, the brilliant minds behind Syfy’s exclusive 2010 film Sharktapus He saw fit to up the ante by combining a killer shark with a killer octopus, thereby creating the terrifying titular creature.

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Bent on terrorizing the residents of a seaside resort community, Sharktapus It is a much more intimidating creature than the fish of Jaws. Capable of traveling overland and grabbing prey from a considerable distance, no one would come across this beast. Unfortunately, the monster is seen quite regularly throughout the film, and the CGI makes it look a lot less scary than it actually is.

4 Mega shark vs. Crocosaurus (2010)

Promotional art for the movie Mega Shark vs.  Crocosaurus.

From 2010 Mega shark vs. Crocosaur was produced by the infamous film studio B The Asylum, a group best known for copycat films such as Transformers Y The day the earth stood still. They also helped make one of the best known cheesy chark attack movies, Sharknado, in 2013.

Mega Shark vs. Crocosaur have a Godzilla vs. Kong Some flair, though the acting is less than sublime at best and the two titular monsters appear to have been rendered using a PlayStation 2. The film also featured Jaleel White, who is best known for his role as Steve Urkel in the comedy. Family matters.

3 Jaws 3-D (1983)

The shark from Jaws 3-D.

Steven Spielberg Jaws It clearly hadn’t developed with a string of sequels in mind, but fans were nonetheless subjected to a litany of less-than-inspired tales that attempted to continue the story.

3-D jaws, the third in Jaws’ four-part anthology, it made use of a 3D gimmick that, cheesy as it was, may at least have intrigued some viewers in 1983. Unfortunately, the installment is best remembered for its particularly lazy effects, with The movie’s Shark often appears to be completely immobile and completely unconvincing. It’s definitely a cheesy version of victory. Jaws movie formula.

2 Sharknado (2013)

Still from the 2013 film Sharknado.

He debuted in 2013, Sharknado is he White House from cheesy shark attack movies. With a ridiculous plot, exaggerated acting, and some insanely hilarious sequences, Sharknado It can be classified as a horror movie, but it was probably intended to be taken as a comedy.

When a hurricane scoops hundreds of sharks out of the ocean and tosses them into a coastal city, it’s up to a motley crew of survivors to put an end to the terror. Particularly famous for a scene in which a man breaks a shark in half with a chainsaw, Sharknado it deserves all the recognition it received.

1 Exorcist Shark (2015)

A possessed shark from the movie Shark Exorcist.

Shot on less than a small budget and a whopping 1.4 on IMDb, 2015’s Shark Exorcist is perhaps the cheesiest shark attack movie of all time. After a nun summons Satan, he takes the form of a demonic shark and a vampire woman with shark powers. From there, it’s up to a priest to put an end to the madness before the city is invaded by possessed entities.

With one of the dumbest shark attack sequences ever, few would expect a movie titled Shark Exorcist to have any real value, and aside from the project’s cheesy hilarity, it doesn’t.

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