While the Assassin’s Creed games focus on different characters and eras, one thing that ties them together is their emphasis on the importance of family.

With each new protagonist in the Assassin’s creed franchise, a new era and personality is born. While some are raised in the Brotherhood of Assassins, others find their way through a call or tragedy. Most of the time, it’s these things that help them earn a place among the greatest killers ever. However, despite the clear differences between each killer, one thing has remained constant in the series: each game emphasizes the importance of family.

Each new assassin gives players a chance to see the average person transform into a legend, and family plays a big role in that journey. The most obvious example of this is in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, where twins Jacob and Evie Frye fight together for a greater cause while protecting each other. However, the other killers in the series prove that family is a prime mover in achieving greatness.

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Several of the killers have been motivated to act out for revenge for a family member. This starts with Ezio in Assassin’s creed ii, who is a witness to the murders of his brothers and his father. Connor Kenway from Assassin’s Creed III and Bayek de Siwa de origins they are also driven by revenge. For Connor, killing his mother’s killer makes him a killer and ultimately helps him realize what he represents as a person. Meanwhile, Bayek’s mission to avenge his son leads to the creation of the Assassins.

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Bayek and Khemu practicing the Leap of Faith in Assassin's Creed Origins

The desire to preserve what remains of a family pushes other protagonists to step beyond their comfort zone. In Assassin’s Creed UnitArno’s decision to carry out his own missions and help the love of his life and the only family he has left leads to his expulsion. However, Edward Kenway of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag He is an unlikely hero who struggles to hold his pirate family together as time and greed slowly draw them away from him. The only Assassin whose wish to keep his family together succeeds is Altaïr from the original. Assassin’s creed, who is willing to die for the Brotherhood and even kills his master villain to preserve everything he stands for.

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey presents Casandra and Alexios as brothers separated at birth. While players can choose to control anyone and there are a number of ways the story can end, ultimately the Odyssey it is a game linked to the importance of the family. The last game in the series, Valhalla, is also unique in the way it portrays family, as it focuses on Eivor’s never-ending battle to keep its people safe from intruders and oppressors. It is a noble mission, and Eivor does not take it lightly, as they know that there is nothing more important than family.

The Assassin’s creed The franchise may be full of violence, revenge, betrayal, and fighting, but it also shows how the family can overcome these difficulties. Those protagonists who follow this ideal rise to become the best. However, those who abandon the family and act selfishly, such as the Templar Order, are doomed. In the end, no hero is powerful alone; With family, even the worst events can be overcome.

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