Although Katherine Pierce and Elena Gilbert shared the same face in The vampire diaries, these two heroines couldn’t be more different. Katherine underwent a significant transformation on the show, as she was once an innocent human who later turned cunning to survive and evade Klaus, who wanted to murder her.

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Katherine’s stamina, as well as her charm and intelligence, win her the love of many fans. However, not all fans agree with the general perception of her and are quick to express their different opinions on Reddit, even though they know that most fans will not agree.

9 Katherine deserved better

There is no denying that Katherine did a lot of bad things (like when she helped kill Jeremy). But nevertheless, Bamonita believes that “Katherine deserved better.”

When one takes a closer look at his life, one discovers that it was full of misery. He lost his parents, his son and was unable to build a normal life thanks to Klaus’ thirst for revenge. While all these factors do not excuse her behavior, they do show that Katherine’s life was not easy at all and that perhaps she deserved a bit of happiness and peace.

8 Katherine and Stefan deserved more space

Despite Stefan proclaiming his hatred for Katherine, they briefly rekindled their romance once Katherine was transformed into a human. But this story didn’t last long and Katherine soon disappeared from the show for a time. sAD-LOliTa She said “Katherine and Stefan have such great chemistry that I wish they’d explored their relationship more and not ruined it by turning Katherine evil.”

Continuing the romance between Katherine and Stefan would have given the creators a chance to explore their relationship, what it could be like without bitterness and betrayal, and also show Katherine more as a human. Returning to its original evil state might have made the show more action-packed, but it stopped Katherine’s personal development.

7 Katherine deserved peace with Nadia

One of the darkest points in Katherine’s human life was leaving her daughter behind. Katherine believed her daughter was gone until she met her centuries later and discovered that Nadia was also a vampire. Unfortunately, the mother-daughter reunion didn’t last long.

hiimdead1898 thinks “Katherine deserved to have peace with Nadia.” However, the show took a different direction. Considering Katherine’s grief for her lost family, she showed on multiple occasions, like when she was looking at her drawing on the grave, allowing Katherine to stay with Nadia would give them the opportunity to bond and live a happy life, not a lonely one.

6 Katherine was never convincing

Katherine Pierce and Elena Gilbert meet in person on The Vampire Diaries

Portraying several different characters on the same show can be a real challenge. soul without chains believes that Nina Dobrev was not as convincing as Katherine. As they put it: “I remember everyone was amazed at how different the two characters looked, but with Katherine, it never seemed so real, somehow …”

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Whether that is the case or not, it could very well be the question of the way the scripts were written, as Nina Dobrev went on to give nuanced performances in many of her later roles.

5 Katherine occupying Elena’s body was a good story

Katherine in Elena's body rejects Damon in the Vampire Diaries

Katherine had multiple stories on the show, but one that didn’t sit well with many fans was Katherine snatching Elena’s body. scar They said they “enjoyed the story of season 5 with the vampires Augustine and Katherine entering Elena’s body. It wasn’t my absolute FAVORITE season, but definitely not as terrible as a lot of people think.”

It definitely gave the creators a chance to better explore the differences between Katherine and Elena when it came to their characters, as well as how they interacted with other people. For example, Katherine seemed much more cheerful than Elena, despite her difficult circumstances.

4 Katherine should have been the main antagonist

Allowing Katherine to be the main antagonist of the entire show would have been impossible, due to the departure of Nina Dobrev. But nevertheless, heresy thinks “Katherine should have been the main antagonist throughout the series.”

Katherine had a talent for making heroes’ lives more difficult, as she demonstrated from the beginning. Even more importantly, if he had stayed longer, it would give fans a chance to learn more about his past, what he was doing in those 500 years he spent on the run from Klaus.

3 Katherine repeated

autobuzzfeedbofeels like “Katherine was really entertaining during the first season, but after a while, everything she did felt repetitive.”

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The show had Katherine walking in circles when it comes to her character development. He hurt heroes, was a better person for a while, and then went back to his old ways once more. The truth is, Katherine could have survived a lot longer if she had left Mystic Falls behind and just focused on living her life elsewhere.

2 Katherine was more honest than people think

Damon Katherine kiss

Katherine excelled at manipulating people. However, the Reddit user onlyju He noted that Katherine was much more honest than many characters gave her credit for.

When she returned to Mystic Falls, for example, she was quick to let Damon know that she wasn’t really in love with him: “She even told him straight to his face that she loves Stefan and it’s always been Stefan.” He also made no secret of his affection for Stefan, causing Katherine to lash out at his and Elena’s relationship. As a result, despite her many evil plans and character flaws, Katherine was able to be honest whenever she wanted.

1 Katherine is a horrible person

Nina Dobrev as Katherine in The Vampire Diaries

Katherine was one of the most entertaining villains on the show and many fans liked her. But not everyone was so delighted with her. kateasaur stated that they hate Katherine because “she’s selfish and self-centered” and “… boring. Good villains have complex motivations and interesting goals. Katherine wanted to keep living. That’s it, that’s all she cared about.” They then compared her to Elena and said that despite suffering similarly, Elena was a much kinder person.

While this is true, it could be argued that Elena’s few years of pain are not the same as Katherine’s 500 years on the run from the man who killed her entire family. And as for her motivations, Katherine wanted not only to survive, but also to find happiness and get rid of Klaus, as suggested by her relationship with Stefan and her cooperation with Mikael.

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